Age spots are normally known to affect people that are in the 40 plus age bracket. Parents are now wondering whether it is possible for their kids to have this skin problem owing to the fact that it is caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight and the current state of the scorching sun.

Some people associate age spots to aging hence the question on how possible it is to have children having this condition. It is not right to associate age spots with age as they are not caused by old age but by how much exposure one has had in the sun in a lifetime. The average age for age spots is above 40 years but if you have had as much exposure to the sun as a 40 year old, then you are as likely to have them. Therefore children can have age spots too. Read on to see how.

The number one factor in children being susceptible to age spots is heredity. If you have a family history of occurrences of age spots, then you and your child are very likely to have age spots. Your child is at a higher risk if he or she has fairer skin as it has less melanin.


Children are very fond of playing. It is very normal and an essential part in growing up. If your child spends a lot of time playing out in the sun then he or she is has a chance of having age spots. This is so as children spend most of their time playing and if it is out in the sun rest assured that age spots are very likely to appear. Always ensure that your child spends little time out in the sun and should play in shades or in the house. There are plenty of fun and involving indoor games.


You should ensure that your child takes a healthy meal. Unhealthy diet is a key contributor to age spots. Give your child plenty of fruits, water and vegetables. This will help prevent the occurrence of age spots on your child.


If you go to the beach to relax with your children, always make sure that they are on sunscreen. This sunscreen will shield harmful UV light from your children’s skin and prevent age spots.


It is very possible for your children to have age spots. Always ensure that they are well protected.

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Age spots

Age spots

Age spots


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