What You Need To Know About Sun Protection Cream

Skin health must always be considered especially when you are out under the heat of the sun. Those who are neither light- nor dark-skinned are more susceptible to being affected by the harmful ultraviolet rays so they must be more wary.

In the first place, you have to know why the skin gets darker when staying in the sun. The melanin is the very reason why the skin is tanned. There is a distinct formation of melanin for every person. This is the reason why some people have their skins darkened faster than most people. Your location and the type of your skin are factors that affect the level of skin darkening. The nearer you are to the equator,  the heater your place is.

Sun protection creams work in various ways for the protection of our skin against the harmful rays of the sun. Most of the sun protection creams available in the market have both physical and chemical sun filters and others have either.

Sun filters serve its intention in penetrating the skin and absorbing the rays of the sun. The harmful rays from the sun no longer pass through the bottom layers of the skin because of sun protection creams. Chemical filters are best utilized in protecting the skin from damage. The physical sun filters, on the other hand, works by means of laying a thin membrane that bounces off the damaging rays from the sun.

Sun protection creams are used as effective guard against ultraviolet type A (UVA) rays as well as ultraviolet type B (UVB) rays. These sun protection creams can also be pegged broad spectrum sunscreens. The damage done by ultraviolet type B rays involves the burning of the topmost layer of the skin that may lead to skin cancer. On the other hand, ultraviolet type A rays do not burn the skin but they have the ability to pass through.

The strength of the sun protection cream is measured by the acronym SPF meaning sun protection factor. However, applying a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor should not let you stay in the sun more because doing so will only lead you to being exposed to more UVA rays. You must first consider your skin type when purchasing a sun protection cream. The most suggested level of SPF is 15 for many individuals.

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