What To Know About Age Spots

Age spots, also known as sun spots, liver spots or solar lentigines are results of excessive exposure to the sun for long periods of time. Skin cells and DNA are altered by the ultraviolet rays that comes from the sun. These damaged cells build up, which causes dark spots to appear on skin. They are common to aging people, although the occurrence of age spots is not really associated with one’s age.

Money, time and effort should be spent to effectively eliminate age spots.   Age spots typically appear on the face, hands and shoulders, but they can be removed through various methods. There are many medication for age spots, wherever they are, be it in your face, hands or shoulders.

Skin cancers can be manifested with some brown spots, so to be sure that what you have is not cancerous, have a medical consultation first. Then, avoid too much sun exposure. That also includes tanning. Once you are sure that what you have are age spots, you can ensue to age spot removal. An effective way to get rid of age spots is by utilizing Nd:YAG laser, a form of laser treatment. These methods are painless, scarless and bloodless. The treatment requires paying a large amount of money.

Bleaching and whitening creams are some cheaper ways to fade age spots. These creams often contain hydroquinone, kojic acid or glycolic acid. They can help fade age spots in proper applications. Also see if your skin whitening cream contains some vitamins like B vitamins or vitamin E to maintain healthy skin cells. If you don’t want a dull white skin, then find one which contains lycopene.

You also have chemical peels as a choice. Chemical peels work by peeling off old skin to grow new skin cells. Chemical peels could employ alpha hydroxyl acid or beta hydroxyl acid.

Microdermabrasion can also get rid of age spots. This process uses tiny abrasive crystals and some pressure.  It can also even skin tone which is uneven.

Cryotherapy is another option in removing age spots. Its downside is that a scar can remainon the treated area.

If you have undergone such treatments, you have to make skin care a habit to prevent age spots from coming back. Do this by using exfoliating creams or soaps on a regular basis. Use a sunscreen whenever you have to do something outdoors.

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