What To Know About Age Spots

Age spots, also known as sun spots, liver spots or solar lentigines are results of excessive exposure to the sun for long periods of time. The danger does not lie on the sunlight itself, but on the ultraviolet rays that it emits. The damaged melanocytes are accumulated, and brown spots appear on skin. They are common to aging people, although the occurrence of age spots is not really associated with one’s age.

Removing age spots could be a task and an expensive regimen, but there are also age spots treatments that are affordable.   Age spots on face and hands are common, but worry no more since there are many age spot remedies available.

The first thing you have to do is consult a doctor or dermatologist to see if it the spots are cancerous or not. You can also begin by regulating your sun exposure. That also includes tanning. Once you are sure that what you have are age spots, you can continue to age spot removal. An effective way to get rid of age spots is by using Nd:YAG laser, a form of laser treatment. These methods are painless, scarless and bloodless. The treatment requires paying a large sum of money.

Skin whitening creams could help in age spot removal, so does some bleaching creams. These creams often contain hydroquinone, kojic acid or glycolic acid. They can help fade age spots in proper applications. Some companies combine vitamins to their product. If you don’t want a pale white skin, then find one which contains lycopene.

You can also ask for a professional chemical peel. Chemical peels work by peeling off old skin to grow new skin cells. Chemical peels could use alpha hydroxyl acid or beta hydroxyl acid.

Another choice for age spot removal is microdermabrasion. This process uses tiny abrasive crystals and some pressure.  It can also even skin tone which is uneven.

Another sun spot removal treatment is cryotherapy. However this procedure can produce a scar.

After having your age spots remove, be sure to preserve your skin’s status. You can use exfoliating creams or soaps. Also wear a full-spectrum sunscreen when you go out.

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