Age spots are black, brown or grey marks that appear on the skin’s surface. These marks on the skin are of different sizes. They range from freckle sizes to more than a centimeter wide.


Age spots are known to appear on older people and they come as a result of much exposure to the sun. However, younger people can get it as a result of a lot of much exposure to the sun.

Age spots are known to appear on different body parts. The most common areas attacked age spots are the arms, face, hands and shoulders. These parts of the body are more vulnerable as they are most exposed to the sun as compared to other body parts.


Age spots are sometimes referred to as liver spots. These kinds of spots really give a hard time and therefore ways to remove them have been so much sought over the years. There are many remedies for age spots and therefore you should not panic.


Age spots can be treated from the comfort of your home. There are also kitchen remedies that are commendable for tackling age spots and herbal remedies too for the annoying age spots. These treatments for age spots are mostly do it yourself and that is why there are kitchen and home remedies for these age spots. However, there are risky removal treatments for age spots that are not worth it. You should rather do away with them in the most natural possible way.


These spots as I have mentioned earlier, depend on your exposure to the sun and therefore most people that get them are over 40. This however does not mean that another person below 40 cannot get it. If the amount of your exposure to the sun matches that of someone who is 40, then you are at risk of age spots.


Age spots are known to be very harmless. The only worry that comes with them is unattractiveness. However, some few cases have been reported of age spots developing skin cancer. Ensure that you talk to a doctor to see the condition of the spots.


Old age is inevitable and therefore, you should not curse yourself for having these age spots. Just ensure that you take good care of them safely. If you follow the right harmless procedures for eliminating these spots, you will have your even skin tone back in no time.


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