Utilizing The Power Of Herbs Against Age Spots

The developmental process of aging is coincided with the appearance of brownish, grayish or even blackish lesions on facial or body skin called age spots and which are also frequently known as liver spots. However, aging is not the only reason to be blamed for the occurrence of liver spots for staying unprotected too long under the sun also brings forth these skin lesions to appear on younger peoples’ skin. People, regardless of whether they came from aging or from ultraviolet radiation, sometimes see them as a total eyesore. This can be totally understandable, after all, not only does it give your skin an irregular glaring area of blemishes, but it can sometimes be simply uncomfortable to have. Currently, there are already several treatments accessible for the elimination of age spots, one of which is the use of herbs – which will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

Let me first ask you this question: what exactly causes age spots? Our skins always have this automatic mechanism of replacing skins cells every once in a while, even if there is no actual skin damage whatsoever. Since the skin gradually loses the ability to reproduce newer skin cells because of aging, skin regeneration is gradually becoming overwhelmed by the rate that the skin deteriorates. At this point in time, having a skin injury that takes very long to heal leads to the development of age spots.

How then will we address this problem if the cause is an aadjustment in our body’s physiologic functioning? The answer is through the invigoration of the body’s physiologic processes and overpowers the skin’s rate of deterioration. Therefore, we must find all herbs that can revitalize all of our body systems, particularly those that improve blood circulation and those that make skin cells tougher to do their repair jobs.

The red clover, traditionally used before for a number of different ailments, can be used to remove age spots indirectly. This is due to the red clover’s diuretic property which enables it to excrete extra fluids or wastes from the body. Due to this power of the red clover, it is commonly combined with other medicines to better intensify blood flow and consequently, better invigorate the body’s physiologic functioning.

The burdock plant shares the same role of the red clover as a diuretic, although herbalists and apothecaries have also commonly used the plant to clean the bloodstream of common toxins. Again, using this can help improve circulation, probably even better than what the red clover does, although it’s still more recommendable to use it with other compatible medicine to amplify the effect.

The next herb in focus is the mik thistle which is somehow dissimilar from the red clover and the burdock plant. The milk thistle, by contrast, centralizes on the liver’s state or health by using silymarin. As we all know, the liver is the most important organ in the body that dictates a person’s metabolic rate. Therefore, by enhancing the liver’s metabolism function, the body’s remaining processes are also invigorated and the age spots gradually heal, as a result.

Just one important reminder; you can’t expect instant results in your age spots when ingesting these herbs, even for a considerable amount of time. This is because, to emphasize, these herbs effects are indirect – addressing the underlying causes first. Also, the process takes a very slow climb to make your body get used to such boost.

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