Treatment Modalities For Liver Spots Do Not Come Free Of Charge

Liver spots, also commonly known as age spots, are flat lesions that usually range from brown to gray or to black in color. These lesions are most commonly found in the areas of the body that are exposed to the sun most of the time. These areas include the face and the upper extremities. They are oval-shaped and their sizes fluctuate from the size of a freckle up to a centimeter across. Then these spots are [accompanied] by wrinkles and dry skin – evidence of significant skin degeneration.

Although they are named a liver spots, this lesion has nothing to do with the liver. Therefore, what is the factor responsible for their naturally-found in our skin, gives each and every skin a different color. But due to the repeated exposure of the skin to the sun’s harmful rays, the rise in melanin production takes place. As a result of this overproduction, age spots start to form. But this process does not happen overnight. Instead, it takes years of accumulated sun exposure. Therefore, even though you have stayed under the sun today for hours and you did not see any changes, it means the damage will manifest only after several years. To our surprise, the sun is not the only causative factor. Even tanning equipment popular to white individuals are to blame. And the last cause worth mentioning is senility.

Tenderness or other forms of harm might not accompany liver spots but a deformity in your physical appearance and lowered self-esteem will. Therefore, there are treatment options to choose from if an affected individual opts to have these skin lesions removed. However, every treatment has a/an parallel cost.

One of these treatments is the use of prescribed medicated creams which will lighten the lesion. These creams containing hydroquinone, tretinoin or cortisone range from around ninety to two hundred dollars. Chemical peels are also available. The price is not standardized and differs depending if it is a light peel, medium peel or deep peel. For two hundred to three hundred dollars, you can have light chemical peels. For five hundred to thousand dollars, you can procure medium chemical peels. For three to six thousand dollars, you can procure deep chemical peels. Then there is also the use of laser which kills the excess melanocytes in the skin. For a hundred dollars per session, you can treat a small area of your skin with laser. Then there is also the intense pulsed light therapy which uses light instead of laser and which usually costs seventy to eighty dollars per session per small area.

But the aforementioned costs are not standardized. There are factors which affect the costing and these are the size of affected area, the chemicals or materials to be used, the doctors’ fees or even the cost of living in the residence you live in. The most excellent way to be sure: ask your doctor about it!

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