Treating Age Spots

Age spots are unsightly spots which appear on the skin after some time due to long exposure to the sun. They appear as shades of different colors having pigmentation different from our normal skin. At the name suggests they are associated with aging and are most common in people of more than 40 years who have had long periods of exposure to the sun.

Whether we like it or not, age spots are part of life and will continue to exist as long as we humans exist and live past our childhood. However, this is not a cause for alarm since unlike past beliefs that age spots could not be treated it has been proved reasonable doubt that they can be treated and eliminated leaving no trace that they ever existed.

The main objective during age spot treatment is to lighten the spot areas in order to remove the unsightly appearance of our once beautiful skins.  There are many age spot treatment approaches as follows:

The most common age spot treatment method is applying a lightening moisturizer on the spots. Currently there are so many moisturizers in the market for one to choose from according to ones best interests. Caution has to be taken though since not all of these products can tackle the problem effectively. The most effective moisturizers contain Cynergik which is derived from sheep wool and contains a protein called keratin which provides the dermis with the protein it requires to enhance collagen production. Another important ingredient in age spot treatment is Phytessence Wakame which is a name given to a sea weed which serves to reduce loss of hyaluronic acid which is vital for the functioning of the collagen and elastin.

There are other age spot treatment methods which are usually self prescribed though some may be prescribed by a medical practitioner. These include age spot treatment using Vitamin A creams like Retina A and Retinova both of which can be bought over the counter. These creams stimulate the growth of new skin cells and fade discoloration. These creams act as both age spot treatment and prevention. For maximum effectiveness they should be used with hydroquinone creams.

Furthermore age spot treatment can be done by use of over the counter skin brighteners which are found to be gentler and have fewer side effects.

Ultimately, while age spot treatment is effective, prevention still remains the best option in dealing with age spots.

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