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Ultra Violet Radiation | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal

ultra violet radiation

Age spot is a very common skin condition today. If you check the skin of many people you meet on the street, it is possible for you to come by the skin condition on them. The skin condition had been found to be more in the older generation. Some younger individuals too can have it, but the number of younger individuals having the skin condition is considerably few in comparison with the older ones.  Several factors are responsible for the growth of the skin condition and this simple write up will look into the possible cause of age spot. This can go a long way in helping you to put the thing under control.

Age is a factor

The older generation is mostly affected by age spot. This is simply because their skin is very weakened. It is not able to resist the UV ray from the sun. The UV ray then easily penetrates into the skin and cause what is called age spot on the skin. When the UV ray enters into the skin, it will damage the melanocytes, which will behave abnormally in its duty of producing melanin. Melanin is the pigment responsible for the skin coloration and once it is affected; its melanin production will get affected. The little melanin that gets produced will only spread unevenly on the skin, which will lead to age spot.

Affected immunity

Once the immune system of an individual is affected, the individual becomes susceptible to the skin condition. There are certain factors that can lead to compromised immune system. Some of them include sickness, chemotherapy and surgery. Old age too is responsible for compromised immune system and this can make the skin condition grow on the older generation. The younger ones can end up suffering from sickness and they can have surgery. This then exposes them to damaging effect of the UV ray from the sun, which can then lead to the formation of age spot on their skin. The UV ray will then penetrate into the skin and lead to the production of the age spots.


The best treatment method that should be implemented for age spot is prevention. One good way to prevent the occurrence of the skin condition on your skin is to use sunscreen, sunscreen can help to protect your skin form the UV ray of the sun and prevent the occurrence of the skin condition for as long as you use the sunscreen.

age spot

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Some younger individuals around do have age spots. But the skin condition had been noticed more on the elderly. The chances of having it increase as one grows older. The immunity of the body decreases with age. This makes the skin more susceptible to the UV ray from the sun. The UV ray is able to penetrate into the skin and cause mutation melanocytes. The mutated melanocytes will not be able to produce enough melanin to cover the skin. Age spots results when the little amount of melanin produced is spread out in patches on the skin.

No need for treatment

If you do not mind, you can always leave the age spots alone on your skin. It will not cause any damage of any kind on your skin. This skin condition had never been known to have any link with cancer. But age spots can actually make the skin look very ugly.  For cosmetics reasons, you may decide to get rid of the skin condition and you can be sure of getting your normal skin color back. Several methods had been developed for the elimination of the skin condition and you can easily apply many of them right at home without spending a dime on hospital bill.

Try Apple cider vinegar

This treatment method had never been known to have any negative effect on the skin when you use it to treat age sot. In fact, it is one of the long standing treatment methods used on age spots. It can help you get rid of the skin condition after few days of consistent treatment. It involves the application of the solution directly on the skin condition. Apple cidar vinegar has bleaching effect on the age spots and it will get the skin condition bleached off.  You can get the apple cidar vinegar to buy all over the place. It is never advisable to use only vinegar for this purpose. This is because of the burning effect that vinegar can have on the skin. It is therefore in your best interests to mix the vinegar with apple cidar before you apply it on your skin.

Try Topical creams

In case you can’t lay your hands on the apple cidar vinegar, you can always depend on simple topical cream to treat the age spots. They usually contain bleaching agents. One of the most commonly used bleaching agents is hydroquinone. Excessive hydroquinone should not be used to avoid any contrary outcome on the skin.


age spots

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