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Treating Age Spots | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal

treating age spots

Removing age spots is not a daunting process and there are a number of viable treatments options available. These dark, flat brown blemishes occur on different parts of the body though they are mostly prevalent on the arms, shoulders and face. They come about as a result of too much exposure to the sun and also because of age. Liver spots, as they are also referred, take a while to form and are therefore common on people who are above 40 years of age. Areas of the skin affected by this condition are usually darker in complexion. The spots may appear as one or two dots on some people whereas on others, they may cover a large area of the body.


Since one of the causes to age spots is sunlight exposure, it is advisable to limit the amount of time spent in the sun. Additionally, sunscreen application on parts of the body that are open to UV rays is recommended. This will help protect the skin as well as prevent sunburns that eventually lead to age spots. Recently, a lot of treatments in the form of creams and moisturizers have been introduced to the market. Utilizing more than one treatment can be effective in clearing away age spots and evening out the skin tone. Moisturizers that enhance collagen production are helpful because they encourage the growth of new skin cells thus repairing the skin. The damage caused by sun and age is smoothed out, skin elasticity returns and the dark spots become lighter. However, it is important to get a dermatologist to prescribe the best creams and moisturizers because of difference in skin pigmentation.


Another treatment that also works to get rid of age spots is observing a healthy diet. Foods such as bananas, avocados and water melons are great sources of potassium, which is essential for keeping skin healthy. Similarly, minerals such as zinc and selenium are important to include in a diet, though they should not be consumed in very large amounts. Selenium works by fighting free radicals in the cells. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten regularly as should foods rich in Vitamin A, C and E because they are great in skin repair. It is worth noting that there are topical creams that have these essential vitamins too. They are just as effective for healing age spots and they come highly recommended. Most of these products are made from natural ingredients, which make them safe for use.


Finally, keep the skin well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. This also helps getting rid of toxins in the body. Dehydrated skin is susceptible to a number of unpleasant conditions, including age spots.

age spots

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Age spots are dark spots that are found on the surface of the skin. These spots are linked with age because of their common occurrence on the skin of older people. In as much as this theory may be true, there is also the possibility that it is not. So what causes age spots?

The skin has a layer of melanin. Melanin is the dark pigment that gives color to the skin. It also gives protection to the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. When the skin is overexposed to the sun, more melanin is produced by the body to protect it from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

As one grows old, these small bits of melanin on the skin clamp together to form dark patches that are known as age spots. The effects are accelerated by tanning beds and in some instances genetics but the main reason behind the spots on legs is the ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

There are many remedies for age spot removal, including on the legs. They range from simple, natural methods to sophisticated methods like laser treatment. Most of the natural treatment methods can be done at home but if they fail, there are other methods of removal that have higher chances of success than the home methods.

One very common method of age spots removal for legs is lemon juice. Lemon juice is good as it acts as a sterilizer and also as a skin toner. It is preferred because it has no side effects to the skin. However, for those with sensitive skin, it is advisable to use mild lemon juice. This does not cause irritation.

Laser treatment can also work well in removing age spots from legs though it is a bit expensive compared to any other age spot remover. However, this is the best age spot remover when you consider the results obtained.

Another method of age spot removal for legs is aloe vera gel. This gel is known for its many therapeutic properties. When removing age spots on legs, this gel is applied directly onto the skin and left there for about 20 to 30 minutes. It is then washed off using cold water.

When trying to remove age spots on legs using natural methods, it is important to ensure that consistency is observed as it produces results faster when compared to irregular random treatment. It is also important to ensure that the skin is clean before trying any of these age spot removal methods.

Some of these fluids and gels like lemon juice are acidic and can result in very painful irritation when they come to contact with the eyes or other sensitive organs. It is therefore important to ensure that it does not happen.


age spots

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Age spots are a very common skin conditions. It can come up on practically anyone. Both male and female can have it. The old and the young can also end up with the skin condition. The skin condition does not lead to cancer at all. You can then decide not to touch it at all and leave it on the skin. The number of age spots that individuals can have on their bodies actually varies. Age spots can also be found on any 6part of the body. If they are too many, they can make the skin look rather ugly. This is one reason why many individuals would rather do without the age spots. In case you are desirous of getting rid of your age spots, this simple write up will open your eyes to things you can do.

Its removal

Age spot can be removed using very simple technique.  In case you have the money to spare, you can always visit a hospital where removal methods like the use of laser and surgery will be implemented to help you get rid of the age spot. But in case you can’t spare the money for the surgery, you can always depend on hydroquinone to help you get rid of the skin condition.

The use of hydroquinone

There are some topical creams that can be very helpful for the removal of the age spots formed on your skin.  The topical creams will help to bleach off th6e brown spot of age spots and you will soon have a very clear skin. The topical creams have different constituents. There are several makers of such creams and each of them tries to make things differently. While some of the creams may contain hydroquinone as their active ingredients, some other ones may contain glycolic acid. But the main active ingredient used by many of them is hydroquinone.

Hydroquinone is a very useful product for removing age spot. It helps to bleach the spot off and leave your skin as clear as it had always been in the past. Before you make use of any topical cream containing hydroquinone, you need to ensure that the chemical substance is not more than about 5% in the topical cream


If you do not mind the cosmetics effect of the age spot on you, you may decide to let it be instead of spending money and time to get it removed from your skin.


age spots

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There are different methods through which age spot can be removed from the skin. These methods are so many and it may be somewhat challenging to come by the ones that can be said to be completely reliable. But with the proper search, you are sure to come by very reliable methods that can help to get rid of the skin condition from your skin. Many methods had been developed for removing age spot. But the use of age spot creams tends to be the most reliable of the available methods. In 2012, some new topical crams had been developed for the removal of age spot. This write up will show you how to choose the best age spot cream in 2012.

The main contents

Many of the creams that are effective for the removal of age spot contain hydroquinone as the main active ingredient. Hydroquinone had been discovered to be very helpful in bleaching off the age spot and you will be able to have your normal skin color back.  But it is very important to check the quantity and concentration of the hydroquinone in any of the topical creams before you use it for treating your age spot. If the hydroquinone has exceptionally high concentration, it can end up having some negative impact on your skin.

What the reviews are saying

There is rarely any product that does not have one form of review or the other on it. You should check out the reviews on the product before you make attempt to use it on your age spot. If the reviews on the product are positive, you can depend on it for the removal of your age spot. But if the review is negative, you may do well to look out for another product that can be used on the skin condition.

Check the cost

The cost does not need to be high before the product can be effective. Some cheaper products have even been discovered to have good effect on age spot. You should search well for a product that is cheap enough for treating your age spot. Before you make use of the cheap cream however, make sure you find out how reliable the product is.


The product to be used for treating your age spot should be safe. If the product ever has any history of negative effect, you should completely avoid it.  Find out how fast the effect of the cream is before you buy.


age spot

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Initially, age spots were very common among people with over forty years. However, this condition is slowly trickling in the young generation. The main reason why age pots are slowly becoming popular among the young people is their frequent use of cosmetics. It is true that most cosmetics used have side effects on the entire skin. This implies that there is need for you to be careful when choosing a cosmetic for your skin. It is important to select the recommended ones lest you risk your skin.

Due to the high demand for creams that treat age spots, so many companies have come up to produce these creams. However, a number of them produce products that are not friendly to the skin. Some of the products destroy the epidermal layer preventing the skin from manufacturing sebum. By consequent, the skin is unable to withstand the ultra-violet rays from the sun. This calls upon you to be very vigilant when looking for means to treat age spots. Go for companies that are known for producing the best and safe skin treating products.

How do I get the best companies? This is a question that everyone yearning to treat age spots must answer for him to increase chances of getting safer creams for treating age spots. Here are some of the ways of looking for the best creams. One is use of the website. There are so many dealers selling their products online hence have websites. By visiting such websites, you are granted an opportunity to ascertain the quality and safety of the companies’ products. Furthermore, you are able to determine the reputation of every dealer by reading the reviews and comments made about each dealer.

Alternatively, you can consult from friends or associates who have had an experience with creams that treat age spots. Such experienced people will show you dealers that offer the best creams. In addition, consulting gives you a chance to know the commonly made mistakes while looking for means to treat age spots. By consequent, you are able to device means to avert such mistakes.

Lastly, you can simply set aside a day or two and visit the dealers. While there, try to inquire from them about their products. Let them give you testimonies about their products. Make a comparison of various companies that deal with these creams. In the long run you will manage to get the best products to treat age spots.

age spots

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It is of utmost importance that we protect ourselves from injuries. This may seem like a simple task but it is sometimes beyond our reach. This causes repercussions that can either be rectified or not. One of the most unexpected causes of injury to us is the sun. The sun has many benefits to us and can even sometimes be therapeutic. However, the warm sunlight comes with a hidden cost. It has ultraviolet radiation which can cause damage to living tissue. It is responsible for causing age spots, a condition that afflicts many elderly people. There are several ways of removing these spots and the use of any single one depends on many factors. The following are some of the treatment methods used to deal with age spots.

Laser treatment

This method uses a laser to remove the layer of skin that has excessive pigmentation. After a few weeks, the age spots are completely removed leaving a healthy skin with an even tone. Laser age spots removal requires some time for the patient to fully recover and might cause some side effects. It is also quite costly compared to alternative treatments but is also very effective. Laser age spot removal is not recommended for people with dark skin tones since it might cause an increase in pigmentation instead of doing the opposite.


This is a popular method used to remove age spots and is also reliable. The method is mostly used when the age spots cover a small area of the skin due to the nature of the operation. A crotherapy treatment for big age spots might cause significant damage to healthy skin. The process involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze burn age spots. The nitrogen is applied directly on the age spots and kills the cells with hyperpigmentation. The age spots fade gradually and eventually disappear. Cryotherapy might cause scarring and discoloration on the treated spot.

Chemical peel

A chemical is applied on the affected skin and causes it to peel off to reveal lighter toned skin. This method causes redness and irritation on the area being treated. Immediately after the treatment process is complete, the skin experiences hypersensitivity. A person is therefore advised to stay away from direct sunlight.


This method is used to mechanically peel off the skin and is one of the most invasive treatment procedures. It has side effects such as risk of infection, and bleeding.

Topical creams

Sometimes application of creams that contain steroids and bleaching agents might be recommended. These creams take quite some time to show results but eventually remove the age spots.

age spots

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Some younger individuals around do have age spots. But the skin condition had been noticed more on the elderly. The chances of having it increase as one grows older. The immunity of the body decreases with age. This makes the skin more susceptible to the UV ray from the sun. The UV ray is able to penetrate into the skin and cause mutation melanocytes. The mutated melanocytes will not be able to produce enough melanin to cover the skin. Age spots results when the little amount of melanin produced is spread out in patches on the skin.

No need for treatment

If you do not mind, you can always leave the age spots alone on your skin. It will not cause any damage of any kind on your skin. This skin condition had never been known to have any link with cancer. But age spots can actually make the skin look very ugly.  For cosmetics reasons, you may decide to get rid of the skin condition and you can be sure of getting your normal skin color back. Several methods had been developed for the elimination of the skin condition and you can easily apply many of them right at home without spending a dime on hospital bill.

Try Apple cider vinegar

This treatment method had never been known to have any negative effect on the skin when you use it to treat age sot. In fact, it is one of the long standing treatment methods used on age spots. It can help you get rid of the skin condition after few days of consistent treatment. It involves the application of the solution directly on the skin condition. Apple cidar vinegar has bleaching effect on the age spots and it will get the skin condition bleached off.  You can get the apple cidar vinegar to buy all over the place. It is never advisable to use only vinegar for this purpose. This is because of the burning effect that vinegar can have on the skin. It is therefore in your best interests to mix the vinegar with apple cidar before you apply it on your skin.

Try Topical creams

In case you can’t lay your hands on the apple cidar vinegar, you can always depend on simple topical cream to treat the age spots. They usually contain bleaching agents. One of the most commonly used bleaching agents is hydroquinone. Excessive hydroquinone should not be used to avoid any contrary outcome on the skin.


age spots

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Age spot is a common skin condition that affects those who have compromised immune system. It can also come up on those who expose their skins to the sun too often. As such individuals grow older; the age spot will start forming on their skin. Age spot is never known to have any negative health impact on the body. Because of this, you can decide to leave it alone without bothering about any treatment for it. But in case you desire to have a younger and fresher looking skin, you can always make use of several of the treatment methods available for age spot.

The skin condition can be treated at the hospital and at home. The one you go for is completely dependent on you and how much you are wiling to spare for treating the skin condition.

Prevention; they say, is better than cure. Instead of worrying your head about treating age spot, there are things you can do in order to prevent the skin condition from even coming up on your skin. Some of these simple things will be made known to you through this simple write up.

Eat balanced diet

Balanced diet will contain everything you need in a food for proper functioning of your body. The balanced diet will supply your body with vitamins that will help to put your skin in good shape and it will also improve your body’s immunity. Improved immunity will help a great deal to prevent the possibility of age spot coming up on your skin.

Use sunscreen

Age spot is associated strongly with the level of body immunity. It had also been found to be associated with the sun. The intensity of the sun on your skin can lead to the formation of age spot. One sure way to prevent age spot will be to prevent the direct impact of the sun on your skin. You do not need to wear turtle neck or hood to protect your skin from the sun; you can always apply sunscreen on your skin to get this done. Sunscreen will give your skin the needed protection from the sun. It will prevent the UV from having a direct impact on your skin and cause mutation of the melanocytes.


Many of the topical creams used for treating this skin condition contain sunscreen. Before you buy any of the creams for your age spot, find out if the cream has sunscreen or not.

age spot

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Age spot is a common skin condition. Many of the old ones around are sure to have it. As one grows old, the immunity of the body decreases and the body becomes more susceptible to the UV ray from the sun. The sun will penetrate into the skin and cause mutation in the melanocytes responsible for producing melanin; melanin is the pigment responsible for skin color. The mutation of the melanocytes brings about a reduction in the amount of melanin they are able to produce and this will finally result into age spot.

It is not only the elderly that can have it; since anyone can end up with compromised immune system. Anyone who had recently undergone surgery too may end up in this shoe.

The skin condition is completely benign and you may decide to leave it untreated on the skin. But in case you do not like the funny look it gives you, you can decide to get it removed. There are several simple treatment methods that can be applied to the skin condition.

Age spot had never been known to itch in the least. In case you are having an itching age spot, then you need to look to things very well. If the spot on your skin is itching, it may not even be age spot at all; it is certainly something else.

Once you notice such a thing on your skin, it will be in your best interest to visit a hospital. Attempting to treat such a spot at home may end up being penny wise and pound foolish. You should understand that your “Do It Yourself” kind of way of life has its limitations.

The itching spot that look like age spot may actually be a precancerous growth. At the hospital, biopsy of the skin condition will be carried out to detect any link with cancer. In case any link is discovered, the medical expert attending to you will know how to get things done and get you treated.

Treating it may actually cost you some amount of money. This is because many skin conditions are not covered by your health insurance. You should therefore endeavor to get the money to get things done. You should also understand that the earlier you get rid of the itching spot that looks like age spot the better for you.  It is possible to get it treated cheaply at an earlier stage.

age spot

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Age spot is a very common skin condition. Many individuals are actually having it the world over. The skin condition is benign and it will never lead to any thing like cancer at all. If you are having it on your skin, you may not even be bothered about the skin condition leading to cancer. It can remain on your skin for a very long time and nothing negative will come up.

Age spot has a strong link with the sun. It is commonly found on areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun.  It is as a result of the damage caused by the UV ray from the sun on the skin. The damage will affect the ability of melanocytes to produce melanin.

It had been discovered that this situation is aided by old age. Practically every one above 50 will end up with age spot. The skin condition had also been discovered on individuals younger than 50. But the number of the younger ones affected by the skin condition is very few.

While it is true that age spot does not have any negative health implication, it can still make the skin look rather unsightly. It may therefore be in your best interest to get rid of the skin condition before it leads to further complications on your skin. Through this write up, some very simple treatment methods will be made known to you.

Simple topical cream can help

Instead of spending so much to get the age spot removed at the hospital, you can simply lay your hands on very simple topical creams and get the skin condition removed from your skin.  The topical creams contain hydroquinone and hydroquinone can help to bleach off the age spot from your skin. In order to get better result, you should wash the surface of the skin before you apply the topical cream.  Allow the water to dry off before the cream is applied. You can also increase the number of times you apply the cream to twice in a day and you can be sure that the skin condition will disappear within days of consistent application.

Chemical peel

Chemical peel too can help in removing age spot from your skin, you only need to place the chemical peel on your skin and leave it to dry on the skin. Chemical peel contains acidic substances that are mild on the skin and it can help to bleach off the age spot.

age spot

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