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Solar Lentigo | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal

solar lentigo

Known to many as age spots, this is a skin infection mainly associated with old age that results to brown spots on the face arms back and any body area exposed to the sun. As much as the infection is mostly found among old people, those in the age of 50 and above, age is just but a partial cause of the infection since it’s not all people above the age of 50 get the infection but also some who are way below 50 years of age.

Age spots, sun spots or brown spots whichever the name you call it is not an infection that should create so much tension or one that requires a doctor’s attention. It is a harmless and painless infection with no skin irritations, age spots only have cosmetic disturbance hence those who care so much about their public image find it hard staying with this infection. The best thing for one to do once you notice an familiar spots on your skin is seeing a medic who can scan your skin for cancer or any other infection before declaring it’s actually age spots. Never assume that since you once so someone having such an infection then you can certain that its age spots. You may be right but then again cancer may be harbored underneath.

Age spots are treatable and there are very safe ways of removing and curing age spots. None of the ways is qualified to be termed as the best from the other since they are all determined by the dedication one puts, the extent of the infection and the skin of a person. One of the treatments one can opt for is the use of natural remedies; this method is cheaper and involves the use of resources readily available. The other option is use of creams which help to remove the infection and clear away the patches, they do a good job however one needs to be patient and observe recommended precautions.

The other option is seeking surgical procedures this method is mainly recommended for those patients with severe infections nevertheless for those looking for a quick fix it then this method will work for you. While undergoing medication you should be patient since some of the methods take time and only minor progress maybe observed from time to time. You should also avoid being in direct contact with the sun all the time, if you really need to work outdoor then at least wear protective covering or rather apply sunscreen on your skin few minutes before going out to the sun.


age spots

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Agespots are mainly caused by ultraviolet rays. For this reason if you discover that your skin is so sensitive to sunlight, it will only be wise to protect your skin with sunscreen or avoid staying in the sun between 10am and 3pm. During this time, the sun’s harmful UV rays are so intense that continued exposure could cause agespots. You can make a date with your dermatologist to give you counsel concerning agespot removal mechanisms that best suit your skin. However, if your body does not react to substances applied to your skin, natural age spot alternatives are plentiful, accessible and affordable. If you think you are tired of hiding your face or people staring at your freckled face, arms, hands, and neck, stand up for yourself and try some of these simple procedures that could remove agespots from your skin within a couple of weeks or months.

It is worth a mention that if you use fruit and vegetable masks such as strawberries, cucumbers and apricots regularly on your face or other affected parts of your body, you will realize that agespots are beginning to fade away. These masks can be applied once daily for a month or two or until all the freckles have disappeared. It must be acknowledged that this is not an easy task but the results that you are looking forward to are well worth your time, commitment and resources. In life nothing comes easy; stay focused on the goal and you will certainly rid your skin of agespots. Sometimes it might take you longer than you expected but giving up should never cross your mind.

Sometimes solutions to your agespots problem are within reach yet you do not know. Are you aware that the ordinary honey that you consume in your house could be the most perfect remedy for agespots? All you need to do is to heat the honey slightly and then spread it on your face gently. Rinse the honey from your face with warm water followed by cold water. Mixing the honey with a small amount of wheat germ before applying could give much better results.

Finally, if you prepare lemon juice from one lemon and then mix it with some sugar until it dissolves, this cost effective mixture could remove all the agespots from your skin and leave it with the sparkle, smoothness and beauty that it deserves. Just apply this mixture to the affected areas!


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An age spot is a smaller lesions that usually appear on the face and neck. If they appear in large numbers they could rob one of self-esteem because they are quite embarrassing.  Age spot removal is a topic that people would want to read with rapt attention since they would like to treat this skin condition and begin to lead a normal life like their healthy counterparts. Nevertheless, the fact that you are determined to find a long term solution does not mean that you should consume every web content without taking time to filter it. Some Age spot remedies either do not work at all or they could bring some side effects. Others could even aggravate the current condition of your skin.

Age spot lesions can better be handled naturally. However, if you find laser treatment convenient for you, go for it and get your smooth and beautiful skin back. Laser Age spot removal is considered the most effective as it rarely results in excessive redness or bruising. It is not only effective and safe but also ensures that you obtain consistent and desirable results. The laser allows beams of light onto the affected body part and this light is absorbed by red blood cells carrying the melanin and oxygen. As a result, this light selectively destroys the unwanted cells leaving behind healthy cells. An accumulation of melanocytes present in the melanin is the one that results in Age spot formation. Since this method eradicates the unwanted cells, it is will rid your skin of Age spots.

Other natural Age spot removal methods could also be used. For example, you can apply sour lemon cream on your face and allow it to remain there for some time before wiping it off with a soft tissue. As soon as you have wiped the cream off your skin, apply a moisturizer on top. It is not advisable to wash the lemon cream off because doing so will not give you intended results; wipe it off instead. Did you know that washing your face with sour milk is also a safe and effective Age spot removal option? Sour milk contains lactic acid that facilitates the gentle peeling of the affected skin without causing dryness or irritation.

Wallowing in self-pity and anger does not help. Roll up your sleeves and try these Age spot removal methods and your skin and life will never be the same again.

age spot

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Most people may not have so many problems concealing solar lentigo that appears on other parts of the body. However, when it appears on one’s face, most patients seek intervention with the determination of a thirsty ostrich. These sun induced lesions that affect faces are normally referred to as facial solar lentigo. Though people treat it as if facial lentigo is more serious than lentigines on other parts of the body, its treatment and causes are the same. It results from prolonged exposure to sun rays especially the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. These UV rays are responsible with skin damage that causes solar lentigo on the skin surface.  It may develop as one spot or several spots on the patient’s face.

A number of home remedies have been suggested to help you restore your face and self-esteem. Aloe Vera fresh juice can be applied on the affected part two times per day for a period of about two months or until all the solar lentigo skin spots have melted away. This is a natural cure that brings no side effects and one that can help you treat your facial solar lentigo. The other option is to use mashed chickpeas whose paste is spread evenly on the facial spots every evening for a period of about one month or until there are no signs of freckles on your face. This mixture is supposed to be washed off after it has dried on the affected areas. Use cold water to rinse it off later at night.

Another category of home remedy for solar lentigo that has to be also be slotted into this list is the use of bilberry herb. An extract of 140 mg of fresh bilberries herb is considered sufficient for applying on your skin. This extract is then rubbed gently on the affected areas. The bilberry herb is known for its ability to revive your skin and help it regenerate after it has been excessively exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Proper use of this herb also slows down the ageing process and since the skin becomes more vulnerable to solar lentigo as one grows older, bilberry extract enables your face to withstand sunlight after exposure for a considerable amount of time.

If you notice that your face is developing solar lentigo spots, seek proper intervention as soon as possible and avoid excessive exposure to sunlight.


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Solar lentigo is also known as sun-induced freckles and is similar to age spots in more ways than one. It is mainly caused by direct exposure to either artificial or natural ultraviolet (UV) rays and affects people between 30 to 50 years old. If an individual, especially with a lighter or white skin, is exposed directly and excessively to the sun’s UV rays, chances are that he/she will develop solar lentigo. This is one of the skin conditions that most people find both embarrassing and annoying. In fact some people have resigned to the fact that this skin problem has no known remedy and wish they would cover their faces or other exposed parts affected by solar lentigo. If you are one of such people who have given up, you need to realize that there are countless methods that you can employ so that those spots or freckles on your skin become a thin of the past.


Some remedies for solar lentigo removal are home-made while others would require medication or use of laser treatment. It is upon you to do thorough research and proper consultation with your dermatologist in order to identify one that would effectively remove solar lentigo from your skin. Freezing the affected body parts gently and carefully with liquid of nitrogen may go a long way in fading those brown or black spots. Some people have tried the use of bleach cream containing hydroquinone and it has done wonders on their skin. You may try this cream though it may not be effective on every skin.


In the event that you are not able to access the above solar lentigo removal options, zinc can make a good alternative. It is recommended that you take 15 mg (and not more than this) of zinc daily for about two months. There are numerous testimonies of people who had solar lentigo but used fresh lemon juice to remove the blemishes from their smooth skin. This fresh lemon juice needs to be applied twice a day and the user should ensure that his/her skin is not exposed to the sun until the juice is completely dry.

Whereas there are effective remedies for removing solar lentigo, it is easier to prevent it than to completely treat it. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight between 9am to 3pm and wear clothes that will protect you from direct exposure if you want to avoid age spots.


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Unsightly age spots become visible on people who have got varying skin colors as they tend to grow older.  These marks are also referred to as liver spots or sun spots. There are mainly caused by over exposure to the sun for long periods of time. Laser forms of treatment can be used to get rid of these ugly spots on a person’s skin.

Another name for the age spots is solar lentigo. The spots are flat and brownish in color and they take on different irregular kind of shapes. They size will also vary with some of them being very tiny while other are very big. The age spots are most common on the arms, hands, face, neck and shoulders. They are different from freckles since they do not fade off with the changing seasons.  Once you notice age spots then this could be assign of skin cancer and therefore getting your doctors opinion is advisable.

Sun screen is a good method of preventing the age spots from becomes increasingly visible. There are many forms of treatment for age spots that are inclusive of the chemical peels, bleaching creams, fotofacial treatments and laser.  Laser age spots treatment option involves the use of a laser that is very sensitive that will burn the spots away. The outer layer is removed which paves way to another new and smooth layer.  For instance, the carbon dioxide lasers are known to cut deep in to the skin and remove the wrinkles and discolorations and also the age spots over one or two treatment sessions.  Laser age spot treatment mainly involves the removal of the epidermis.

After the Laser age spots treatment, the skin will take on a red appearance, peel off and scabs may be noticed as the skin heals.  The reality is that the process is not anything that you would want to go through. The main advantage is that laser treatments are very fast and the skin heals in a week or two. During the recovery period one would be required to make use of the bandages and ointments for a few days.

As you wait for the skin to heal, it is important to avoid excess sun. This will require you to stay indoors until you are healed. Once the healing ha taken place, avoid too much sun and use effective sun screen and sun lotions to protect your skin from getting age spots gain. Laser treatment is also very costly.

age spots

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Age spots are black, brown or grey marks that appear on the skin’s surface. These marks on the skin are of different sizes. They range from freckle sizes to more than a centimeter wide.


Age spots are known to appear on older people and they come as a result of much exposure to the sun. However, younger people can get it as a result of a lot of much exposure to the sun.

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Did you know that you can prevent age spots with the type of make-up that you use? Yes, what you heard is nothing but reality! Thanks to the presence of technology, make-up innovations now present make-ups that function in two areas, namely, aesthetics and skin care. Due to this skin care advancement, a sun protection factor which, according to its name, protects you from the sun, is now included in make-ups. However, picking the right SPF-equipped make-up for you is not an uncomplicated process.

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Age spots, though totally harmless, greatly affect your physical appearance negatively. As a result, the demand for various treatments that can remove age spots has greatly increased. You can actually pick one from the utilization of chemicals, laser, cryogens or creams with drugs among others. But if you are not ready for such harsh treatments, you are lucky because milder and natural treatments do exist. Moreover, you can prepare them on your own.

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Age spots are basically black, grey or light tan spots that appear on the skin. These spots are mostly unattractive but harmless. It is also important to note that people with age spots are more prone to skin cancer that other people. Age spots affect people over the age of 40 at most times but also younger people can have the skin condition as it depends on how much you have been exposed to the sun. Age spots can occur individually or cluster at one point. Age spots are able to be as small as a freckle and as wide as a centimetre.

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