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Skin Conditions | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal

skin conditions

Age spots are a common appearance on people who have undergone years of sun exposure that results in skin damage. These spots, also referred to as liver spots, are blemishes found on the skin where the complexion is darker in certain areas. Age also plays a role in the development of these liver spots. This occurs because the skin has lost its elasticity and skin cells are no longer getting renewed. People most likely to suffer from this skin condition are in their 40’s or much older. There are various ways to go about facial age spot removal. Minor liver spots that are not too dark can be cleared away by use of a facial bleaching cream that has hydroquinone. This can be purchased over the counter though a doctor can be consulted to make sure the right product is acquired. Lightly apply the cream on the age spots to reduce the dark shade and lighten the spots.


There are other alternative methods that can be applied. Since bleaching creams may sometimes contain harsh chemicals that may react negatively with the skin when used for a long period of time, natural products are highly recommended. Creams made from ingredients that consist of vitamins and antioxidants are highly beneficial as well as effective in age spot removal. Creams that have Vitamins A and C have been known to clear out the blemishes and bring about an even, smooth skin texture. Such creams are usually applied after cleaning the face, typically with a facial wash. Products that contain zinc and selenium minerals work well in getting rid of age spots too. Most doctors may also recommend a cream that has a retinoid or even chemical peels to remove liver spots. These both work to exfoliate the skin thus lighten the dark spots. Be sure to use prescribed creams in such a case to avoid products that can be otherwise damaging.


Homemade removal remedies have been used for years and they are very helpful. Fruits and vegetables that have an acidic concentration are generally used. The juice of such foods can be applied as a wash or cut out slices of the same can be placed on affected areas of the face. Either method of treatment is effective but, they both require consistency. This is the only sure way to draw desired results.


Laser therapy and cryotherapy are other medical alternatives to facial age spot removal. The former works to break up the skin pigment that darkens age spots while the latter is a freezing method that uses liquid nitrogen. Laser therapy is good on both minor and major age spots while cryotherapy works best on solitary liver spots.


age spots

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There is a strong link between age spots and old age. This is one of the skin conditions that tend to have very strong link with the sun. As you expose your skin to the sun, the effect of the sunlight on you starts giving your skin a rather tainted look.  Aged individuals have low immunity and this makes it possible for the sun to penetrate more into their skin. When this happens, the sun will bring about a mutation of the melanocytes. This mutation causes the reduction in the production of the melanin.  The small amount of melanin produced will not be enough to spread all over the body and it will only be spread in patches; leading to the formation of the spots called age spots on the skin

Age spots is the same thing referred to as solar lentigens. It can also be referred to as liver spot because of the link between the colors of the age spots and that of the liver. Anyone having the skin condition can decide to leave it on the skin; since age spots does not in anyway lead to skin cancer. But some individuals may want to get rid of the age spots for cosmetics reasons. Many home made treatments are now available for removing the skin condition.

Topical cream

You can get topical creams to buy over the counter. The topical cream can be very helpful against the skin condition and you will be able to get your fresh skin back in a matter of days after you must have started treatment. The topical creams are made using lightening agents. The lightening agent in the cream will help to lighten the age spots and restore your skin back to its normal color.

Hydroquinone is the one of the most important active ingredient in many of the age spots or solar lentigines topical creams. This lightening agent is one of the most useful bleaching agents. While it is helpful to return your skin to normal, hydroquinone can also have its own negative impact on your skin. This can only happen if the concentration of hydroquinone in the cream is more than the normal amount.


The concentration of the hydroquinone in the topical cream is not expected to be higher than 15%. Anything more than this can lead to some contrary outcomes on your skin at the end of the day.


age spots

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Age spot is common to the elderly. This is because it is associated with compromised immune system. When the immune system gets compromised, the sun is able to penetrate more into the skin and this will have negative effects on the melanocytes, which are the cells that are responsible for the production of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for skin coloration. Once the melanocytes are affected, they will not be able to produce enough melanin up to the quantity needed by the skin for its normal pigmentation. The little that is produced will form spots on the skin and the spots are referred to as age spots.

Age spots can come up on the younger ones too. If the young person has compromised immunity, he or she stands a very good chance of having this skin condition. Some of the conditions that can lead to compromised immune system include sickness and surgery.

There are several ways to treat age spot. You can decide to pay a visit to the hospital where treatment methods like laser or surgery will be applied on the age spot. But in case you do not want to pay a visit to the hospital to get the skin condition treated, you can always get things done at home. Do not forget that treating it at the hospital will surely consume some amount of money; since your health insurance does not cover such treatment. In order to protect your purse and protect your skin from the accompanying pain you will suffer when the skin condition is being removed at the hospital, you can decide to make use of some of the effective home remedies for age spot available.

Special topical creams

Instead of paying a visit to the hospital, you only need to pay a visit to the drug store. At the drug store, several topical creams are available for the effective removal of the skin condition. You only need to apply the cream on the skin condition.  The cream contains lightening agents that will help to lighten the skin and remove the spot formed by the age spot. Once removed, you will have your normal skin color back.


There are several topical creams out there. You should therefore choose the one you depend upon very carefully. Make sure that cream contains only about 5-10% of hydroquinone. If the concentration is more than this, it will have some negative effects on your skin.

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Age spots are small dark blemishes found on the skin surface. Their size usually ranges between 3 – 6 mm. Age spots are more common with aging people hence the name age spots. These spots are caused by overexposure of the skin to sunlight. The skin has a layer of melanin. Melanin is a dark protective pigment produced by the skin. It gives the skin its color and protects it from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

People with brown skin have less melanin since it is the reason for the dark color of the skin. Therefore, their skins are more prone to the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. When the skin is exposed to the sun, more melanin is produced for protection. As one grows old, the bits of melanin clamp together and form dark blemishes known as age spots.

Age spots on brown skin are very visible unlike those on darker skin which can go unnoticed. Removal of these spots from the skin can be done using a number of methods. One can opt to go for simple home remedies that work very well in removing the spots or other laboratory methods. However, before one starts to think about removing the age spots, it is important to first ensure that no further damage occurs. Therefore, exposure of the skin to the sun should be minimal for treatment to take effect fastest. After treatment, it is also important to maintain minimal exposure of the skin to the sun to avoid recurrence.

The first home remedy to age spots is fresh lemon juice. The juice is applied directly to the skin surface that has the age spots daily for about two weeks. Another home remedy is castor oil, which is also applied directly to the skin. The third home remedy to age spots is aloe vera gel. This gel is known for its many therapeutic properties. It is applied directly to the skin then washed off after some time.

Other methods of removing age spots form brown skin are use of laser technology, liquid nitrogen and hydrogen peroxide. Laser technology is a bit more expensive than the rest but it is very effective and has very high chances of success. Hydrogen peroxide works by bleaching the spots and the areas around the spots that could have darkened as a result of the spots. Liquid nitrogen removes the spots by freezing them and making them peel off easily.

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Age spots are dark blemishes found on the skin surface on areas more easily exposed to sunlight. These areas include the face, arms, bald head and shoulders in some cases. The spots are more common with the elderly people hence the name age spots. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are the main cause of these spots. The skin contains melanin, which is a dark pigment that gives the skin its color and protects it from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. When the skin is exposed to the sun, more melanin is produced for protection.

As one grows older, the bits of melanin clamp together and form dark blemishes. These blemishes are what develop into age spots. When a person gets age spots, their appearance is very much affected. This is because the age spots form on areas of the skin that cannot be hidden. This causes misery especially if the person does not accept the fact that they have age spots. The panic that comes with the appearing of the spots can make them hurry to have them removed. This hurry might lead them to dangerous hands that leave the skin in a worse condition than it was. With a worse skin condition, the person might end up staying indoors for long periods to avoid other people.

For models, age spots can mean a complete turnaround especially if they are located on the face. Models depend on their looks in their work hence age spots can ruin their lives completely. This is because age spots cause very serious negative effects on the looks. If treatment fails, age spots can mean an end to one’s modeling career. To the model, these spots can cause a lot of misery especially if the model did not have an alternative source of income.

A person with age spots should not expose their skin to a lot of sunshine. Therefore, if the person’s job involved exposure to a lot of sunshine, very many adjustments will have to be put in place in order to accommodate them. In extreme cases, the person may end up losing the job since the age spots may leave them not able to perform the duties that they should perform. Loss of employment will result in a lot of misery and if the spots are not treated, the person’s self-esteem will reduce.

Holidays of people who love sun bathing on beaches and tanning beds are ruined by age spots since they can no longer do what they like. Exposure to the sun becomes limited because of the age spots. This will make the person feel bored and as a result very lonely.

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There are numerous ways of age spots removal. Finding an age spot remover can be quite a hectic process, bearing in mind that there are different types of removers for different types of skins. The removers are of many types but one sure method that will go a long way in promoting removal of age spots is first avoiding excessive exposure of the skin to sunlight since it is the main cause of the age spots. After all, it is an open secret that prevention is better than cure.

The first and most common method of age spots removal is lemon juice. Lemon juice is good as it acts as a sterilizer and also as a skin toner. It is preferred because it has no side effects to the skin. However, for those with sensitive skin, it is advisable to use mild lemon juice. This does not cause irritation.

Sour milk is also very good in age spots removal. The lactic acid present in the milk helps promote gentle peeling of the skin without dryness or irritation. It also helps in lightening the skin pigmentation. A thick mask of sour cream may be applied to the skin on the area with the age spots. Butter milk also has the same effect.

Castor oil can also be for age spots removal. Its application results in a more evenly pigmented skin, thus reducing the age spots. It is recommended that it is applied on the affected area before going to bed and removed after waking up. It is advisable to use odorless castor oil as some may have a not so pleasant smell.

Another method of age spots removal is aloe vera gel. This gel is known for its many therapeutic properties. When removing age spots, this gel is applied directly onto the skin and left there for about 20 to 30 minutes. It is then washed off using cold water.

Laser treatment can also work as an age spot remover though it is a bit expensive compared to any other age spot remover. However, this is the best age spot remover in terms of the results obtained.

Hydrogen peroxide is another good age spot remover that bleaches the age spots. When used well, it is very effective in age spots removal.

Another good age spots removal method is liquid nitrogen. It freezes the age spots and peels off like a chemical peel. This method can sting, or leave white marks where the spots were so it’s advisable to talk to a doctor before attempting to apply liquid nitrogen.

It is very important to note that that when using any age spot remover that involves applying gels or juices to the skin, ensure that the juices do not come to contact with the eyes or other sensitive organs as some of them are acidic and may result in irritation.

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Age spots are unsightly and usually appear on the skin as one ages as a result of continued exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Many individuals who develop age spots seek several methods to treat the spots; the use of laser treatments is arguably the most effective methods.

Laser therapy for age spots involves fading the spots so they are less pronounced and in the long term eliminating them completely. Laser treatment works best when it is used on people with pale skins. The treatment procedure involves production of a powerful beam that shines through the outer layer of the skin. The spots then absorb the light energy and get hot for a fraction of a second, this energy is enough to break up the pigments.

During the laser treatment for age spots process, everyone in the room wears a laser suite since the laser light is very bright and can seriously damage the skin. Protective goggles are a must since the beams can damage the eyes.

The laser fires raid bursts of beams and the treated area may sting for moments depending on the area being treated and the power used. Immediately afterwards, a fine white scab is left, underneath which is an unsightly bruise which fades gradually. Another laser  treatment may be necessary after some time to eliminate the age spots fully.

After undergoing laser treatment for age spots, it is best to leave the treated area alone and it will generally settle rapidly. Further, avoid the sun or use strong sun block before and during treatment. Ultimately, be gentle with the treated area until it has settled down and resist picking and scratching it even when it may feel itchy.

Two laser treatments may be enough to get rid of all age spots but in case you require more time you need to consult with your doctor.

While use of laser therapy is quite effective against age spots, it may have some slight negative and anyone seeking this method should be aware of them. The most common effect after laser treatment for age spots is scarring. Other minor effects are the loss of naturally tanning ability in the treated area but this often improves with time. Moreover, it may be difficult to get an even tone in the treated area to match your natural skin colour if your general skin colour is not white.

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