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Skin Cancer | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal

skin cancer

It is possible that you are having age spots without knowing if what you are carrying about is the skin condition. It is possible that you have seen a particular skin condition someone close to you without knowing if what you see is age spots or not. In case you are so much confused about what you are seeing on the skin of that affected person, you can always get your confusion settled through this write up. The information below will open your eyes to the true characteristics of age spots and you will be able to differentiate between age spot and any other kind of skin condition that you would have noticed on people.

Its general characteristics

Age spots is a very common skin condition today. It had been linked greatly with age and that is why it is referred to as age spots. It is believed that one will end up with the skin condition as one grows older. The older generation and the younger generation can both have it. This has to do with the factors that are responsible for this skin condition. Age spots is usually caused by the sun. When the immune system of the skin gets compromised, the UV ray from the sun is able to easily penetrate into the skin and damage the activity of the melanocytes, which are the cells responsible for producing melanin on the skin. Once the cells are damaged, they will not be able to produce enough melanin to meet up with the body’s requirement.

Any link with cancer?

There had been several arguments from different quarters that age spots can lead to cancer. In all sense of the word, there is no link between the skin condition and cancer. Age spots is completely benign. Anyone having it can even leave it untreated on the skin without the fear of cancer resulting from it at the end of the day.  The only reason anyone may want to get rid of the age spot is due to cosmetics reasons.


Age spots is also known by different names. It can be referred to as liver spot and it is also called brown spot. It is called brown spot due to the brownish color of the skin condition. While it is called liver spot, it is important to note that it has no link whatsoever with the liver. The only link between age spot and the liver has to do with the issue of color semblance.

age spots

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Age Spot & Solar Lentigines

Age spot is a very common skin condition in the elderly. It got its name simply because it is associated more with the elderly. It is as a result of consistent exposure of the skin to the direct glare of the sun. The sun consists of UV ray. The UV ray can cause one form of damage or the other to the skin; especially as one grows older. It comes up on the skin as a result of reduced immune system. A weakened immune system will not be able to protect your skin from the harmful effect of the UV ray from the sun. This will then lead to the formation of age spot on you.

Its removal

Age spot can be removed using many of the methods available out there. There is no link between age spot and cancer. You may therefore decide to let it be on the skin. It is possible to remove age spot through surgery. The surgical operation will be carried out by a surgeon. You will however have to pay through the nose to get this done. The amount you pay for surgery is determined by the number of age spot you want to get removed. This method can also leave some spots on your skin after the area has healed.

Recent removal methods

Several simple methods had been developed over the years for the removal of age spot. But in 2012, one of the highly acclaimed methods of removing the skin condition involves the use of topical lightening creams. Many of such creams are available today and you can easily get them over the counter.  You only need to carry out a simple application of the cream on the skin condition and you will be able to get your fresh skin back. The lightening cream will help to remove the brown spot of the age spot from your skin within a very short period of time after consistent application.

The chemical content

The main content of the topical creams is hydroquinone. Several manufacturers can decide to use different products, but the most commonly used active ingredient is hydroquinone. It has a lightening effect on the skin and it can therefore be used to remove age spot.


Before you buy any lightening cream, you need to find out about the concentration of hydroquinone in the cream. The hydroquinone content of any topical cream should not be more than about 30%.


age spot

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Age Spot & Solar Lentigines

Some people call them sun spots since they are caused by the skins direct exposure to the sun, some call them age spots since they are associated with age while other call them liver spots, lentigos or lentigines. Whichever name you are familiar with they all refer to a type of infection that results to the skin having brown spots which are painless and harmless. This spots appear at the back of hands, the chest, our backs at the face and any place of the body mostly exposed to the sun. The lesions are normally flat, brown or dark brown in color.

These lesions are harmless and painless; they do not result to cancer or any other infection however having them on your skin is a great risk for skin cancer. Age spots are caused by cumulative exposure to the sun. Once you are exposed directly to the sun for a very long time the pigment producing cells is activated to produce more pigment (melanin) to protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays.  When more of these pigments are produced in excess some are deposited on the skin hence forming spots.

Old people are more prone to age spots than younger people, also individuals who freckle and burn easily are also more prone to sun spots. Keep in mind that once you have exposed your skin to the sun for a very long time that you are capable of getting age spots then know that you are also at a higher risk of getting skin cancer. You should at all times protect yourselves from the sun, wear protective garments while going out to the sun or rather apply sunscreen to your skin few minutes before going out to the sun.

How do you know that you really have age spots & sun spots? Age spots & sun spots are flat and vary in size from small size to very large size. Some are somehow rounded in shape and have irregular borders; they are usually brown in color, tan or dark depending on the skin. Age spots & sunspots usually appear on the part of the skin that are most of the times exposed to the sun directly.

They say prevention is better than cure; hence prevention of age spots & sunspots is better than the actual cure. The best prevention method is avoiding suns exposure by either using sunscreen or minimizing your outdoor activities. This is the reason why it is very hard to find age spots and sun spots on the inner parts of our body like the thighs. However if you have age spots & sunspots then there are safe treatment options available.

age spots

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