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Removing Age Spots | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal

removing age spots

Age spots are a common appearance on people who have undergone years of sun exposure that results in skin damage. These spots, also referred to as liver spots, are blemishes found on the skin where the complexion is darker in certain areas. Age also plays a role in the development of these liver spots. This occurs because the skin has lost its elasticity and skin cells are no longer getting renewed. People most likely to suffer from this skin condition are in their 40’s or much older. There are various ways to go about facial age spot removal. Minor liver spots that are not too dark can be cleared away by use of a facial bleaching cream that has hydroquinone. This can be purchased over the counter though a doctor can be consulted to make sure the right product is acquired. Lightly apply the cream on the age spots to reduce the dark shade and lighten the spots.


There are other alternative methods that can be applied. Since bleaching creams may sometimes contain harsh chemicals that may react negatively with the skin when used for a long period of time, natural products are highly recommended. Creams made from ingredients that consist of vitamins and antioxidants are highly beneficial as well as effective in age spot removal. Creams that have Vitamins A and C have been known to clear out the blemishes and bring about an even, smooth skin texture. Such creams are usually applied after cleaning the face, typically with a facial wash. Products that contain zinc and selenium minerals work well in getting rid of age spots too. Most doctors may also recommend a cream that has a retinoid or even chemical peels to remove liver spots. These both work to exfoliate the skin thus lighten the dark spots. Be sure to use prescribed creams in such a case to avoid products that can be otherwise damaging.


Homemade removal remedies have been used for years and they are very helpful. Fruits and vegetables that have an acidic concentration are generally used. The juice of such foods can be applied as a wash or cut out slices of the same can be placed on affected areas of the face. Either method of treatment is effective but, they both require consistency. This is the only sure way to draw desired results.


Laser therapy and cryotherapy are other medical alternatives to facial age spot removal. The former works to break up the skin pigment that darkens age spots while the latter is a freezing method that uses liquid nitrogen. Laser therapy is good on both minor and major age spots while cryotherapy works best on solitary liver spots.


age spots

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Many people out there are having age spot. This skin condition can be due to the excessive exposure of your skin to the sun. When the UV ray from the sun penetrates into the skin, it can cause damage to the melanocytes in the skin, which are the cells responsible for producing melanin. Melanin is the pigment responsible of the coloration of your skin. Once its production is hampered by the UV ray, age spot will ensue. it is however linked with old age; hence its being called ‘age spot’.

How to treat it naturally

Several methods can be used to treat age spot. Several factors are also responsible for your choice of treatment and the period of time the treatment will take. If the skin condition had been on your skin for a very long time, it may be somewhat difficult to get it treated. Treating such age spot can actually take a considerably long period of time. This is one of the reasons you should get the skin condition treated on time once it is noticed on your skin. age spot had never been linked to cancer at all. You can then decide to leave it untreated and you can be sure that that it will not cause something else on your skin. But you may want to get rid of it from your skin for cosmetics reasons.

Try Aloe Vera gel

You can make use of aloe Vera gel to treat age spot on your skin. This natural material can work very fast if the skin condition is just appearing newly on your skin.  The use of aloe Vera gel can however take a very long time before it can help to heal the skin condition in case it had been on the skin for a considerably long period of time. Aloe Vera gel can be obtained over the counter. In case you can’t get it, you can always get fresh leave of aloe Vera and squeeze out the liquid content.  You can always apply this directly on the skin condition. This method had also proved to be very helpful in getting rid of the skin condition.


Sunscreen lotion too can be very helpful in getting rid of age spot. The sunscreen lotion serves as a protective cover for your skin. Cover the skin with the lotion each time you want to step under the sun and you can be sure of some measure of protection. The sunscreen lotion will protect your skin from the direct glare of the sun and its UV rays.


age spot

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Age spots are a very common skin conditions. It can come up on practically anyone. Both male and female can have it. The old and the young can also end up with the skin condition. The skin condition does not lead to cancer at all. You can then decide not to touch it at all and leave it on the skin. The number of age spots that individuals can have on their bodies actually varies. Age spots can also be found on any 6part of the body. If they are too many, they can make the skin look rather ugly. This is one reason why many individuals would rather do without the age spots. In case you are desirous of getting rid of your age spots, this simple write up will open your eyes to things you can do.

Its removal

Age spot can be removed using very simple technique.  In case you have the money to spare, you can always visit a hospital where removal methods like the use of laser and surgery will be implemented to help you get rid of the age spot. But in case you can’t spare the money for the surgery, you can always depend on hydroquinone to help you get rid of the skin condition.

The use of hydroquinone

There are some topical creams that can be very helpful for the removal of the age spots formed on your skin.  The topical creams will help to bleach off th6e brown spot of age spots and you will soon have a very clear skin. The topical creams have different constituents. There are several makers of such creams and each of them tries to make things differently. While some of the creams may contain hydroquinone as their active ingredients, some other ones may contain glycolic acid. But the main active ingredient used by many of them is hydroquinone.

Hydroquinone is a very useful product for removing age spot. It helps to bleach the spot off and leave your skin as clear as it had always been in the past. Before you make use of any topical cream containing hydroquinone, you need to ensure that the chemical substance is not more than about 5% in the topical cream


If you do not mind the cosmetics effect of the age spot on you, you may decide to let it be instead of spending money and time to get it removed from your skin.


age spots

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Age spot on the leg can affect your self confidence and it can make the skin look rather unsightly. It comes up more often as one grows older; its occurrence had also been discovered on the younger generation. Anyone having compromised immune system can also have the skin condition. It is possible to get rid of it at the hospital using laser or surgery. These methods are however expensive and an average Joe may not be able to afford it. Your health insurance does not cover for the treatment and this means you will have to bear the cost all alone. Anyone who can’t afford the hospital treatment of age spot can always get the thing treated right at home. There are some simple home made treatment methods that can be applied on the skin condition successfully. You can also decide to leave the age spot alone on your legs; since your legs are not always open for all to see.

Topical creams to the rescue

Some medical experts have made some topical creams available for use by those who have age spots. You can get the topical creams at any of the drug stores without any prescription. You only need to apply the topical cream to the surface of the skin condition and the thing will be taken care of in a matter of days. The topical creams will have bleaching effect on the age spot and the spot will fade away.

Try hydrogen peroxide

It is also very possible to treat your age spot with hydrogen peroxide. A cotton ball will be needed to carry out this treatment method. Dip the cotton ball into the hydrogen peroxide. Roll the soaked cotton ball all over the age spot and you can expect complete removal of the spot within days after you must have started the treatment. The hydrogen peroxide can have burning effect on the skin. Because of this, it should be diluted before it is applied on the skin. The hydrogen peroxide should not be too concentrated. About 5% concentration of the solution is just perfect for the removal of age spot.


Cover the age spot with band aid after you must have applied the hydrogen peroxide to it. The band aid will ensure that the solution remains on the skin until it helps to get the liver spot removed. Ensure that you replace the band aid on daily basis.



age spot

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Age Spot Removal Products

Are you apprehensive about your ageing skin? Or do you have someone facing the problem of age spots on his or her skin? Do not worry for here is a solution for you. It is a fact that there are several products for age spot removal. This implies that you have a variety to choose from. Unfortunately, not all these products are worthy your choice. Some are of low quality and others are simply dangerous for use. Due to the high demand for age spot removal products, quite a number of companies have come up to sell these products. Most of their products are made of dangerous chemicals that are unsafe for human use. Despite the set up rules, such companies have devised means to escape the hook of law enforcers hence compromise the health of people using their products. By consequent, you need to be very careful when looking for age spot removal products.

Here are some of the methods used to obtain the best age removal products. One is through consultation. By consulting friends or associates who have had the experience of age spot removal products, you stand to gain in the following ways. One is that you will know the best dealers to purchase your products. This is ascribed to the fact that as you discuss, their names shall keep cropping up hence choose one. Likewise, names of the worst dealers shall also come up amid the conversations hence shun them outright. Apart from that, there are common mistakes made while looking for age removal products. It is only by consulting that you are able to learn them and find means of avoiding such mistakes.

Alternatively, you can visit websites of companies selling this kind of products. While there, compare the prices and quality of products across the companies. More so, determine the reputation of the companies’ products by reading through the reviews and comments made about both the company and its products. By so doing, you are granted an opportunity to ascertain the best products that are not only safe to your skin but also affordable.

In conclusion, you need to realize that your health is very important hence you have to carefully handle it. Do not be cheated by some dealers whose aim is to mint money at the expense of your health. Simply do a proper research and you will get the best age spot removal products.

age spot

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Age spot has been around for long. It is called age spot because it normally appears on the elderly. One thing about age spot is that it can also appear on those who are younger. Age spot is associated with the sun; excessive exposure of the skin to the sun can lead to it. Aside this, it is also associated with reduced immune system. If your immune system is compromised due to age, chemotherapy or surgery, you also stand a very good chance of having the skin condition. Age spot also comes with different names; it can be called liver spot or brown spot due to its brown color, which looks like the color of the liver. Through this write up, you will learn about some top rated age spot removers.

How to remove it

Age spot can be removed using several removal methods. A visit to the internet today will show you several products that can be used in removing this skin condition. One of the most reliable removal methods for age spot involves the use of topical creams. Some specially deigned topical creams contain lightening agents, the lightening agents in the creams can work on your age spot and get it removed within a very short period of time. You only need to apply the creams normally as you have been applying the normal body cream. The lightening agents in the creams will work on the age spot and get it lightened. With consistent application, you will get your normal skin color back.

Different lightening creams are available on the market and you need to make your choice very carefully. This is because some of them may not be able to work well on your skin; despite the fact that they are able to work on other people’s skin. You need to look for an age spot removal cream that can work perfectly on your skin type.  The best way to make this choice rightly is to consult with a dermatologist, he or she will know your skin type and he will be able to direct you on the right topical cream that can get rid of the age spot.


Before you put your trust in any of the top rated age spot creams, make sure you carry out a personal research on the product. Find out if the product is able to work on every skin type before you buy.


age spot

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Age spots are extremely common today. They can affect any part of the skin; especially areas of the skin that have been regularly exposed to the sun. It is very common on those who have lighter skin color. There is also no age limit to the skin condition. Old age had been discovered to be responsible for this particular skin condition. It had also been discovered that compromised immune system can lead to it. Anyone who consistently exposes his or her skin to the sun can end up with this skin condition. It can also be called brown spot or liver spot due to the semblance of the color between the skin condition and the liver.

Removal methods

There are several removal methods for age spots all over the place. In case you want to get rid of it from your skin, you will never have any problem in choosing a very reliable treatment method for the skin condition. A single search online will yield quite a number of treatment methods that can get the skin condition treated without any problem whatsoever. Have you ever tried using hydrogen peroxide on the age spots before? This solution too had been proven to be very reliable in getting the things treated.

How it helps out

Hydrogen peroxide has a bleaching effect on the skin condition. When you apply it on the skin condition, it will help to bleach off the thing and give you your normal skin color back. This can happen after just few days of applying the solution to the skin.  Before the hydrogen peroxide is applied, you should endeavor to get it diluted. 15% concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide will just be perfect to get the job done.

After applying the diluted hydrogen peroxide to the skin condition, get the age spots covered with duct tape. Hydrogen peroxide can easily evaporate from the skin if not covered and this will hamper the bleaching effect it is expected to have on your age spot.


You should understand that hydrogen peroxide does not perform magic at all, you will need to apply it consistently on the skin condition before you can ever hope for any healing. It is also better to apply the solution up to twice in a day. This will ensure a faster effect on you age spots.  When you start noticing positive changes, you can reduce the frequency of application to only once in a day.


age spots

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Age spots can also be referred to as liver spots. They can come up on any part of the body. As long as that particular part of the body is exposed to the sun, there is a great chance of you developing the age spots on that particular part. One of such parts of the body where age spots comes up is the face. Facial age spots can affect your appearance a great deal and make you look rather unsightly.

The face is easily exposed to the sun. When the sun is allowed to fall too consistently on the face, the UV rays of the sun enters into the skin and lead to the formation of the spots. Those who are old and have compromised immune system are more susceptible to this skin condition. Light skinned individuals too do suffer from this skin condition more than others. Several methods are available out there for the removal of age spots on the face.


This is a very helpful treatment method for facial age spots removal. Laser comes in different colors and types. All of them had been discovered to be able to heal age spots. Laser treatment can only be performed at a hospital. It is also somewhat expensive. Since your health insurance does not cover this form of therapy, you will have to pay for the treatment by yourself. Laser treatment is one of the most reliable methods for removing age spots from the skin.

Simple Topical creams

In case you do not have the money for laser treatment, you can always apply simple topical creams on the age spots. This will make the skin condition fade away with time. The topical creams used for this purpose contain bleaching agents that can get rid of the skin condition under a very short period of time.   Before applying the topical creams, make sure you properly wash the surface of the age spots. The skin should be allowed to dry before the topical cream is applied. Age spots topical creams can be obtained at very cheap rate at any of the drug stores around.

Apply Hydrogen peroxide

This is another reliable method for the removal of facial age spots. You can easily obtain hydrogen peroxide over the counter at any of the drug stores around. Hydrogen peroxide too can help you in bleaching the skin condition and getting it removed from your skin. This can also be done right at home.


age spots

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Age spots is a very common skin condition. Many of the old guys around are having the skin condition. It is usually associated with old age. The sun can easily penetrate into the skin and cause age spots in an elderly person. This is because the skin has lower immunity and it is not able to resist the damaging effect of the UV rays from the sun.  While it is true that age spots is associated with old age, it had also been discovered over time that it can come up on younger ones. Those who are as young as 30 years can end up with the skin condition. There are also people younger than 30 that can have age spots.

Why the possibility

The reason for this is not far fetched. Age spots is associated with the level of immunity of the individual. If you have compromised immunity, you stand a great chance of having age spots; irrespective of the fact that you are just 30 years old. Some conditions that can lead to compromised immune system at such a young age include surgery, sickness and chemotherapy.

Age spots on young individuals can also be removed by using the same treatment method that are used by those who are advanced in age. The simple treatment method can also be carried out at home and you are sure of getting your normal skin color back before long.

You can try topical creams

Several topical creams had been developed for the treatment of age spots and you can be sure of getting rid of the skin condition at home without spending much. Many of the topical creams contain hydroquinone and hydroquinone can help to bleach off the age spots from your skin. In order to get better result, you should wash the surface of the skin before you apply the topical cream.  Allow the water to dry off before the cream is applied. If you increase the number of times you apply the topical cream to twice in a day, you can be sure of faster effect of the cream on the skin condition.

Try Chemical peel

You can apply chemical peel on your skin to get rid of age spots at any age. You however need to carry out a consistent application before you can be sure of complete healing. Chemical peel contains acidic substances that are mild on the skin and it can help to bleach off the age spots.


age spots

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Age spot is specially identified with old age. This is one of the skin conditions that tend to have very strong link with the sun. As you expose your skin to the sun, the effect of the sunlight on you starts giving your skin a rather tainted look.  Aged individuals have low immunity and this makes it possible for the sun to penetrate more into their skin. When this happens, the sun will bring about a mutation of the melanocytes. This mutation causes the reduction in the production of the melanin.  The small amount of melanin produced will not be enough to spread all over the body and it will only be spread in patches; leading to the formation of the spots called age spot on the skin

Age spot can also be referred to as liver spot because of the link between the colors of the age spot and that of the liver. Anyone having the skin condition can decide to leave it on the skin; since age spot does not in anyway lead to skin cancer. But some individuals may want to get rid of the age spot for cosmetics reasons. This write up will look into a very effective method that can be used to rid your skin of this condition. You can even carry out the described method right at home.

Topical cream very effective

The use of topical cream can be very helpful against age spot, all you need to do is to simply buy any of the topical creams over the counter and you can apply it to the skin condition to get it removed. The topical creams are made using lightening agents. The lightening agent in the cream will help to lighten the age spot and restore your skin back to its normal color.

In most cases, the lightening agent in the creams is hydroquinone. This lightening agent is one of the most useful bleaching agents. While it is helpful to return your skin to normal, hydroquinone can also have its own negative impact on your skin. This can only happen if the concentration of hydroquinone in the cream is more than the normal amount.


Before you buy any of the lightening creams for dealing with your age spot, make sure that the concentration of hydroquinone is not more than 15%. Anything more than this can lead to some contrary outcomes on your skin at the end of the day.

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