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Removal Methods | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal

removal methods

Age spot is a very common skin condition in the elderly. It got its name simply because it is associated more with the elderly. It is as a result of consistent exposure of the skin to the direct glare of the sun. The sun consists of UV ray. The UV ray can cause one form of damage or the other to the skin; especially as one grows older. It comes up on the skin as a result of reduced immune system. A weakened immune system will not be able to protect your skin from the harmful effect of the UV ray from the sun. This will then lead to the formation of age spot on you.

Its removal

Age spot can be removed using many of the methods available out there. There is no link between age spot and cancer. You may therefore decide to let it be on the skin. It is possible to remove age spot through surgery. The surgical operation will be carried out by a surgeon. You will however have to pay through the nose to get this done. The amount you pay for surgery is determined by the number of age spot you want to get removed. This method can also leave some spots on your skin after the area has healed.

Recent removal methods

Several simple methods had been developed over the years for the removal of age spot. But in 2012, one of the highly acclaimed methods of removing the skin condition involves the use of topical lightening creams. Many of such creams are available today and you can easily get them over the counter.  You only need to carry out a simple application of the cream on the skin condition and you will be able to get your fresh skin back. The lightening cream will help to remove the brown spot of the age spot from your skin within a very short period of time after consistent application.

The chemical content

The main content of the topical creams is hydroquinone. Several manufacturers can decide to use different products, but the most commonly used active ingredient is hydroquinone. It has a lightening effect on the skin and it can therefore be used to remove age spot.


Before you buy any lightening cream, you need to find out about the concentration of hydroquinone in the cream. The hydroquinone content of any topical cream should not be more than about 30%.


age spot

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A dark spot is caused by various aspects. This could be just the natural aging process or prolonged exposure to the sun. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation is believed to be the main cause of these spots. Here are some ways of removing these spots.

Lemon juice is a very effective method, commonly used in dark spot removal. It works very effectively when mixed with sugar since it acts as a skin sterilizer and doubles up as a toner. Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C which is a natural bleaching agent. For those with sensitive skin, mild lemon juice or the juice mixed with honey will work well without irritation.

Vitamin A and E capsules are also good in dark spot removal. The capsules are broken, and the powder is made into a paste. This paste is the one that is applied to the dark spot and left for about 25 to 30 minutes. The paste is then rinsed using cold water and the process repeated daily for a few weeks. Slow but sure improvement should be noticed. These vitamins replenish the skin and remove the spots without side effects.

Aloe vera gel is also good in dark spot removal. This gel is known for its many therapeutic properties. When removing a dark spot, this gel is applied directly onto the skin and left there for about 20 to 30 minutes and then washed off using cold water.

Liquid nitrogen is also very good in dark spot removal. It freezes the dark spots and peels off like a chemical peel. This method can sting, or leave white marks where the spots were so it’s advisable to talk to a doctor before attempting to apply liquid nitrogen.

Glycolic facials are also very effective when it comes to dark spot removal. The glycolic acid that is applied helps in peeling off the outer skin layer and removing the dead skin cells hence aids in removing dark spots.

If home and salon dark spot removal methods prove ineffective in removing the dark spots, then laser therapy can be used. In this therapy, the affected skin is subjected to a beam of light, which enters the skin and destroys the cells that cause such spotting. Although laser therapy can be expensive, it is very effective since it can completely remove the dark spots from the skin.

Be warned! It is very important that when using any dark spot removal method that involves applying gels or juices to the skin, ensure that the juices do not come to contact with the eyes or other sensitive organs as some of them are acidic and may result in irritation. Also, consistency is very much encouraged since it ensures that the results obtained are very fast.


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Hydroquinone is a chemical compound found in many topical creams and solutions used in treating skin blemishes such as age spots. Its active ingredient causes a bleaching or whitening effect; hence the reason for it being used to lighten the skin.  Since, melanin is what gives us the varying shades of skin color, it is very important that as we age, we protect our skin from the sun’s UV rays.  Sun damaged skin overtime will cause an increase in the production of melanin. When this increases, usually in the sun exposed part of the body, it causes age spots to appear.

If you are over 40 and have skin blemishes on your face and arms, you may have age spots. Age spots are flat patches of brown or black discoloration of the skin. It is caused by over exposure to sunlight or its UV rays. It is true that the melanin absorbs the sunlight and protects us from the UV rays, but overtime this protection becomes ineffective. As we age the regeneration of new skin cells does not occur as quickly as it used to when we were younger. Therefore by the time the new skin cells are to appear, the top layer has been damaged and the skin hardens, further preventing the process to occur. Hydroquinone is used to treat age spots.

Hydroquinon works by preventing the generation of unnecessary melanin.  This topical cream is sold under its name as well as it can be found in many skin bleaching type creams. Over the counter strength is between 2% and 4%.  However for maximum strength your doctor may need to write a prescription.  The topical cream it may be applied directly to the age spots two or three times daily or as directed by your physician. You should begin to see results after one month.

Hydroquinone is very effective for erasing the signs of age spots. But there has been reported data that it may cause serious side effects, such as skin cancer. This happens because hydroquinone lessens the production of melanin and so the skin becomes more sensitive to the UV rays. Consequently, this super over-exposure may cause skin cancer. If your spots or blemishes changed in its size or color, seek medical advice and have skin cancer screening done.

Age spots are quite common and there are several ways to treat this skin condition, hydroquinone is just one of them. Permanent removal can also be done through laster therapy, electro surgery, or cryotheraphy. These options though highly effective, are very expensive and are performed by the dermatologist. These surgeries of procedures can be done as an outpatient as it is not considered serious. A local anesthetic may be given.

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