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Remedies For Age Spots | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal

remedies for age spots

Many individuals are having age spots these days. Age spots is called by this name simply because it tends to affect the elderly more. This is not to say that it does not come up on the younger generation, but this occurs to a lesser extent. The skin condition is linked with the sun. If your skin is consistently exposed to the sun, you may end up with age spots. The depleted ozone layer is also increasing the rate at which people get affected by age spots.  Both male and female too can be affected by the skin condition. It may not come up on your skin until you have grown considerably old. In case a younger person has compromised immunity, he or she can also end up with liver spot. The rate at which it affect the younger generation is however incomparable with that of adults. Some of the conditions that can lead to compromised immune system include sickness and surgery.

Herbal treatment

It is possible to remove age spots using surgery and several other methods. But surgical removal of the skin condition is always very expensive and it may be difficult for many people to afford it. In case you do not have the wherewithal to get it removed surgically, you can always put your trust in many of the herbal remedies available for removing age spots. In order to protect your purse and protect your skin from the accompanying pain you will suffer when the skin condition is being removed at the hospital, you can decide to make use of some of the effective herbal remedies for liver spot available.

Herbal topical creams

Herbal products are becoming increasingly popular for the removal of age spots from your skin. Many more people are discovering how very effective it is and they are going for it in place of many of the other methods available. The herbal nature of the topical cream also makes it very helpful in the harmless removal of the skin condition. You only need to apply the cream on the skin condition. The cream contains lightening agents that will help to lighten the skin and remove the spot formed by the age spots. Once removed, you will have your normal skin color back.


Aloe Vera too can be very helpful in removing the skin condition at home. You can decide to use already prepared solution of aloe Vera or make use of the natural leaf.


age spots

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Anyone having lighter skin color stands a great chance of having age spots. Age spots can also affect those with darker skin color; but to a lesser extent.  They are also strongly linked with the sun. Anyone who gets him or herself exposed to the UV ray of the sun may find himself having the skin condition.

Predisposing factor

As you grow old, your immune system gets compromised. This will reduce the ability of your skin to resist the UV rays from the sun. Due to this, more of the UV ray will be able to penetrate into your skin and bring about mutation in the melanocytes that are producing melanin on your skin. The entrance of the UV ray is sure to negatively affect the activities of the melanocytes and reduce the amount of melanin they are able to produce. Age spots results due to the uneven distribution of the little melanin that is produced on your skin.

You can either decide to get rid of the skin condition at home or at the hospital. Each mode of removing the skin condition can be very effective against it. Removing it at the hospital may be considerably expensive. This is because your health insurance does not cover such treatment. In case you do not have the money to pay for medical removal of age spots, you can always make use of several alternative methods to remove the skin condition. You can check the best home remedy for age spots below.

Topical creams very reliable

If you are looking for the best removal method for age spot, it is none other topical cream. It had proved itself to be reliable over and above several other removal methods for this skin condition. It does not lead to any negative side effect in the least. The topical creams can be obtained over the counter and it can be applied at home.


You should first carry out a gentle washing of the area where you want to apply the cream and allow the place to dry before you carry out any application. After this, apply the topical cream just like you are applying a normal cream. It may be better to carry out the application up to twice in a day for better result. The topical creams mainly contain hydroquinone, which is a lightening agent. Hydroquinone will help you to bleach off the skin condition and return your skin to normal.


age spots

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Age spot is strongly linked with old age. It is a skin condition of the elderly; though some younger ones had been discovered to also end up with the skin condition. The immunity of the body decreases with age. This makes the skin more susceptible to the UV ray from the sun. The UV ray is able to penetrate into the skin and cause mutation melanocytes. The mutated melanocytes will not be able to produce enough melanin to cover the skin. The little it is able to produce will only be able to spread over the skin in patches and this leads to what is called age spot.

Age spot rarely has any link with cancer whatsoever. You may decide to leave the skin condition untreated and you can be sure that it will not have any negative health effect on you. But age spot can actually make the skin look very ugly.  For cosmetics reasons, you may decide to get rid of the skin condition and you can be sure of getting your normal skin color back. There are some very basic home remedies that you can apply to the skin condition and you can be sure of complete healing under few days of consistent treatment.

Apple cider vinegar

This is long standing treatment method for age spot. It had never been known to lead to any negative side effect. It can help you get rid of the skin condition after few days of consistent treatment. It involves the application of the solution directly on the skin condition. Apple cidar vinegar has bleaching effect on the age spot and it will get the skin condition bleached off.  You can get the apple cidar vinegar to buy all over the place. It is never advisable to use only vinegar for this purpose. Vinegar has burning effect on the skin. Using it to treat the skin condition alone will only lead to further damage of the skin. It is in your best interest to mix the vinegar with apple cidar before use.

Topical creams

There are some specially made topical creams that can help in removing the age spot from your skin. It is not expensive to come by topical creams. They usually contain bleaching agents. One of the most commonly used bleaching agents is hydroquinone. Hydroquinone in the topical cream should not be too much so that it does not lead to some negative effect on the skin.

age spot

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Age spots are dark, usually brown blemishes that are found on the skin surface. These spots are more common with the older people hence the name age spots. Age spots are mainly caused by overexposure to the sun. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are the main cause of these age spots.

Age spots are believed to be linked to genes. This means that they can be passed down the family from mothers and fathers to the children through genetics. This is because in most cases, it is easy to trace back the age spots to someone close in the family. This means that the spots are not caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays alone.

Experts believe that it has to do with the amount of resistance that the skin can offer to the ultraviolet rays. This is almost the same for close family members. This explains why the age spots can be linked to close family members. The gene responsible for protecting the skin is passed down from parents to their children and therefore, those with a ‘weak’ skin will be more prone to age spots.

The skin has a layer of melanin. This is a dark pigment that gives color to the skin. It also protects the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. When the skin is overexposed to the sun, more melanin is produced by the body to protect it from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The amount of melanin produced under a fixed stimulation is believed to be almost uniform for close family members. This is the reason why age spots are said to be linked to genes.

As one grows old, the small bits of melanin clamp together and form dark patches on the skin that are known as age spots or melanoma. The symptoms are made worse by tanning beds. Therefore, those whose close family members have had age spots should try and reduce the exposure of their skins to sunlight.

There are many remedies to age spots. These include natural home remedies and other more complex methods of treatment. The home remedies include application of lemon juice, castor oil or aloe vera gel among others. These three are very effective especially when they are done consistently.

The other more complex methods include liquid nitrogen and laser treatment. These are more expensive than the others but the results obtained are much better. They also offer a higher chance of success. However, they can be dangerous when done by untrained personnel. It is therefore important to ensure that the treatment is gotten from a trusted institution.


age spots

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Age spots occur after several years of sun exposure. If you use tanning beds and lamps, you are also prone to these spots. There are people who are more susceptible to the age spots especially after they reach the age of 50. If you are one of the people who suffer from these discolorations, it is possible to find a remedy for age spots.


Before you can start looking for a remedy for age spots, it is important to visit your doctor to rule out any underlying cause of the discoloration. The spots are usually superficial but in some cases, it can be a sign of something serious therefore it is important to visit your doctor to be on the safe side.


A remedy for age spots can be in form of a lotion or cream designed to lighten the discolored part of your skin. If you want a lotion or cream, you should visit your local drugstore or department store. The creams contain some ingredients which help the skin’s top layer to peel. Once the skin peels, you remain without age spots. This remedy for age spots requires a lot of discipline because it takes some time before the results are visible. When shopping for a remedy for age spots, make sure it has some glycolic acid or hydroquinone. Some of the remedies can cause irritation.


A remedy for age spots can also use natural ingredients like lemons, garlic and castor oil. These ingredients help to lighten the part of the skin that is discolored. A natural remedy for age spots is a good choice especially if your skin reacts to the creams and lotions. It is also an affordable choice because the ingredients are things that you use in the kitchen. When using the natural option, regular treatment is necessary if you want to get good results.


In situations where the natural ingredients and chemicals are not effective, there are some other remedies that can produce results faster. Some of the other remedies that you can try include laser therapy, chemical peels, freezing and microdermabrasion. Before you use any of these remedies, it is advisable to try the simple options first. When you select a remedy for age spots make sure it is safe for your skin. These remedies are intensive and cause result in scarring. If you are considering any of them, you need to get a professional to carry them out.

age spots

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Remedies For Age Spots

If you have exposed your skin to a lot of sun, you will notice the appearance of some black, gray or brown spots. These spots are referred to as age spots and most people assume that they only appear in old people. They are not harmful but they can make your skin look unsightly and this is why you need to find good remedies for age spots.


Lemon juice is considered to be one of the remedies for age spots. To use this remedy, you need some fresh lemon juice. Apply the juice on the spots using some cotton wool to make them fade. It will take a month or more for the spots to disappear.


Some of the remedies for age spots mix more than one ingredient to increase their effectiveness. To fade the spots, you can also mix some lemon juice, vinegar, and horseradish root and rosemary oil. Apply this mixture twice on the affected parts in order to notice a change. The mixture helps to lighten the spots and as your skin sheds off the top layer, they will no longer be visible.

Garbanzo beans are also effective in fading age spots. Before you can use the beans, you need to mash them with some water. Apply the mixture on your age spots and wait for it to dry before you remove it.


Apple cider vinegar is also one of the remedies for age spots. For the remedy to be more effective, you can add some orange juice. Use the mixture for several days and you will start to see some changes.


If you are in search of natural remedies for age spots, you can also try to use some buttermilk on the spots. Buttermilk is one of the most popular remedies for age spots because it has lactic acid. Lactic acid helps to fade the skin and the buttermilk also moisturizes your skin. Like most of the remedies for age spots, you need to use the buttermilk at least twice each day to get good results.


The best thing about using natural remedies for age spots is that you do not have to worry about developing any side effects. The use of these remedies requires you to be patient because most of them take at least a month to work but they are a better choice compared to using chemicals to get rid of the spots.

age spots

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