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Microdermabrasion | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal


Age Spots Removal On Legs

As people grow older, it becomes harder to fight off changes to the physical appearance of skin. Even though it is absolutely normal for these changes to occur, it is possible to keep the skin looking young and healthy. Age spots are one of the most common changes that appear as people grow older. There are several options available for age spots removal on legs.

One of the options is use of skin lightening products. These products can even the skin tone and eventually do away with age spots. The main cause of age spots is a condition referred to as hyper pigmentation. This condition causes production of excess pigment (melanin) on localized areas of the skin. As a result, the best products to use to treat the condition are skin lightening products. Consistent use of these products leads to gradual fading of the age spots and they eventually disappear completely.

Another method that is used to deal with age spots is microdermabrasion. A special hand-held tool is used that expels abrasive crystals from the tip towards the skin. The result of this is that the top layer of skin is weakened and then removed by the abrasive crystals. The machine also has a suction function and it vacuums the removed skin cells together with the used up particles as the procedure is being carried out. Depending on a person’s tolerance for pain, a localized anesthetic may be used to reduce the discomfort of the procedure. Microdermabrasion can be used to remove layers of skin in areas that have become darker than others to even the skin tone. It is commonly used on the face, hands, and neck.

A person considering age spots removal has to keep in mind the cost of the procedure. Cost is mainly affected by the amount of the skin that is affected by age spots. A procedure such as microdermabrasion can be very costly when there is a big area of skin that needs to be worked on. If the age spots on the skin cover a large area, using skin lightening creams for a longer duration of time is more cost effective.

If a person decides to use a skin lightening cream, there are important considerations that must be made. The product that is chosen should give a client the best chance of getting rid of age spots on the legs. There are many websites on the internet where customers post comments on their experiences with different skin lightening products. A dermatologist can also be consulted in order to give a recommendation on the best products.

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Characteristics Of Age Spots

Age spots are dark blotches that appear on the skin after long exposure to the harmful ultra violet rays of sun. The condition is common in old people of all races who are past the age of sixty due to their life-long exposure to the sun’s rays. Apart from this, age spots are also caused by smoking, lack of exercise and a poor diet.

Unfortunately, there is a danger associated with this ailment. Due to the fact that it is due to irregular melanin production and accumulation of wastes on the skin, it can be a sign of a more serious condition. Some people have even been reported to have had cancer that may have initially started as age spots. This makes it very necessary to get rid of the ugly blotches.

In respect to this, there are many age spots remover methods that an individual can use. They range from simple home remedies that can be cheaply implemented at home, to complex treatment methods that require the expertise of a professional surgeon or dermatologist. One of the latter is cryotherapy that involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze and kill the cells around the affected area, hence allowing other cells to develop and replace them. This method however, could lead to permanent scarring or skin discoloration.

Another age spots remover method is the use of Aloe Vera, which effective in age spots and many other skin ailments. The plant’s leaves are crushed to extract the juice, which is gently rubbed on the blotches for about forty five minutes two times every day. This is a process that can be carried out at home and should be done daily for about thirty days until the spots completely disappear.

Some individuals, especially celebrities, opt for Laser therapy, which involves the use of a laser beam to kill the affected cells. This, just like in the earlier methods, gives room for the development of new, blotch-less skin cells, hence getting rid of age spots.

Just like Aloe Vera, another simple home age spots remover is apple cider vinegar. It is usually mixed onion and applied carefully and directly to the epidermis of the skin. Castor oil is also applied the same way and as long as it is used about two times a day, it will take you just a few weeks to completely get rid of the blotches.

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So much has been written concerning the various methods that can effectively remove age spots from your skin. In fact more age spot removal alternatives are increasingly being discovered. Hence most people are in dilemma; they do not know which method is the most effective and safest for their age spots as well as their skins which they hold dear to their heart. As you think about such options, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you patient enough to consistently follow the procedure and prescriptions required of a given age spot remedy?
  2. Are you ready to use one method at a time and see its results? Or do you want to experiment several methods hoping to achieve quick results?

Methods of age spot removal

Perhaps you do not know that apart from using onions during cooking, you can as well use onions to treat age spots on your face, hands or neck. Cut the onion into half and rub one of the halves on the freckled points gently twice a day. Repeat this process daily until the age spots disappear. Another age spot removal option that can not be ignored is the use of buttermilk. Apply the buttermilk on the spots until they fade away completely. The main advantage of buttermilk is that it can be applied on the affected areas any time since it does not make the skin sensitive.

Additionally, if you make a paste of turmeric and sesame seeds, they could help rid your face of age spots. Prepare an equal amount of sesame seeds and turmeric and mix them together. Grind them until they form a uniform paste and then apply it on your face. Allow it to remain there for a few hours and then rinse it off your face. Repeat this process every day until those age spots are not visible on your skin.

Does it deserve mention that sour cream can also remove age spots from your skins? If you apply the cream on your face daily and consistently and allow it about 15 minutes before rinsing it off, you will actually begin to see positive results after a week. You can begin today.

Finally, it must be mentioned here that while all age spots remedies can successfully eradicate freckles from your skin, there is no quick fix. There is no miracle either. You need to exercise patience and discipline and follow every step.

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