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Hydroquinone | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal


Age spots are a common appearance on people who have undergone years of sun exposure that results in skin damage. These spots, also referred to as liver spots, are blemishes found on the skin where the complexion is darker in certain areas. Age also plays a role in the development of these liver spots. This occurs because the skin has lost its elasticity and skin cells are no longer getting renewed. People most likely to suffer from this skin condition are in their 40’s or much older. There are various ways to go about facial age spot removal. Minor liver spots that are not too dark can be cleared away by use of a facial bleaching cream that has hydroquinone. This can be purchased over the counter though a doctor can be consulted to make sure the right product is acquired. Lightly apply the cream on the age spots to reduce the dark shade and lighten the spots.


There are other alternative methods that can be applied. Since bleaching creams may sometimes contain harsh chemicals that may react negatively with the skin when used for a long period of time, natural products are highly recommended. Creams made from ingredients that consist of vitamins and antioxidants are highly beneficial as well as effective in age spot removal. Creams that have Vitamins A and C have been known to clear out the blemishes and bring about an even, smooth skin texture. Such creams are usually applied after cleaning the face, typically with a facial wash. Products that contain zinc and selenium minerals work well in getting rid of age spots too. Most doctors may also recommend a cream that has a retinoid or even chemical peels to remove liver spots. These both work to exfoliate the skin thus lighten the dark spots. Be sure to use prescribed creams in such a case to avoid products that can be otherwise damaging.


Homemade removal remedies have been used for years and they are very helpful. Fruits and vegetables that have an acidic concentration are generally used. The juice of such foods can be applied as a wash or cut out slices of the same can be placed on affected areas of the face. Either method of treatment is effective but, they both require consistency. This is the only sure way to draw desired results.


Laser therapy and cryotherapy are other medical alternatives to facial age spot removal. The former works to break up the skin pigment that darkens age spots while the latter is a freezing method that uses liquid nitrogen. Laser therapy is good on both minor and major age spots while cryotherapy works best on solitary liver spots.


age spots

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Age spots are a very common skin conditions. It can come up on practically anyone. Both male and female can have it. The old and the young can also end up with the skin condition. The skin condition does not lead to cancer at all. You can then decide not to touch it at all and leave it on the skin. The number of age spots that individuals can have on their bodies actually varies. Age spots can also be found on any 6part of the body. If they are too many, they can make the skin look rather ugly. This is one reason why many individuals would rather do without the age spots. In case you are desirous of getting rid of your age spots, this simple write up will open your eyes to things you can do.

Its removal

Age spot can be removed using very simple technique.  In case you have the money to spare, you can always visit a hospital where removal methods like the use of laser and surgery will be implemented to help you get rid of the age spot. But in case you can’t spare the money for the surgery, you can always depend on hydroquinone to help you get rid of the skin condition.

The use of hydroquinone

There are some topical creams that can be very helpful for the removal of the age spots formed on your skin.  The topical creams will help to bleach off th6e brown spot of age spots and you will soon have a very clear skin. The topical creams have different constituents. There are several makers of such creams and each of them tries to make things differently. While some of the creams may contain hydroquinone as their active ingredients, some other ones may contain glycolic acid. But the main active ingredient used by many of them is hydroquinone.

Hydroquinone is a very useful product for removing age spot. It helps to bleach the spot off and leave your skin as clear as it had always been in the past. Before you make use of any topical cream containing hydroquinone, you need to ensure that the chemical substance is not more than about 5% in the topical cream


If you do not mind the cosmetics effect of the age spot on you, you may decide to let it be instead of spending money and time to get it removed from your skin.


age spots

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There are many modern methods used to remove age spots and all of them have their benefits and associated risks. The use of cosmetic creams therefore appears to be one of the safest ways to get rid of unsightly age spots. The case for cosmetic creams is sometimes not that strong, especially with synthetic skin care creams. The only solution to enjoy the benefits of creams without risking skin health is therefore going organic.

Contrary to what the name suggests age spots are totally unrelated to the age of a person. The main culprit for the formation of the spots is ultraviolet radiation. The most common source of this radiation is the sun. The ultraviolet light causes skin cells to produce more pigment in order to protect inner layers from damage. As a result, age spots mostly occur on areas of skin exposed to the sun frequently such as legs, the face and neck. The damage caused by overexposure to the sun doesn’t show until a person is well beyond the age of 40. This explains the reason behind the naming of the condition.

Treating the condition naturally has been shown to be just as effective as other treatment methods. It also comes with the benefit of reduced risks. Natural treatment creams usually contain a substance called hydroquinone. This compound occurs naturally and is effective in making age spots disappear. One of the few places on earth where this substance is not available in cosmetic products is Europe. It was banned after a study showed that it could cause leukemia in animals. No study has shown a relationship between the compound and leukemia in human beings.

Many artificial skin lightening creams have at least one harmful substance that can lead to serious health conditions. The most widely known chemicals that have been proven to be harmful to peoples’ health are mercury chloride and ammoniated mercury. Creams containing these two substances were very popular until recently when the negative effects were discovered.

The effectiveness of natural compounds in reducing melanin content on skin is still very good compared to artificial chemicals. One component that has been found to be particularly effective is nutgrass root extract. It has been shown to reduce skin pigmentation by as much as 40%. There are many other natural compounds that have been proven to reduce skin pigmentation. The best natural creams for age spot removal combine two or more of these compounds to give stunning results. The result of this method of treating age spots is also guilt-free.


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Age spot is specially identified with old age. This is one of the skin conditions that tend to have very strong link with the sun. As you expose your skin to the sun, the effect of the sunlight on you starts giving your skin a rather tainted look.  Aged individuals have low immunity and this makes it possible for the sun to penetrate more into their skin. When this happens, the sun will bring about a mutation of the melanocytes. This mutation causes the reduction in the production of the melanin.  The small amount of melanin produced will not be enough to spread all over the body and it will only be spread in patches; leading to the formation of the spots called age spot on the skin

Age spot can also be referred to as liver spot because of the link between the colors of the age spot and that of the liver. Anyone having the skin condition can decide to leave it on the skin; since age spot does not in anyway lead to skin cancer. But some individuals may want to get rid of the age spot for cosmetics reasons. This write up will look into a very effective method that can be used to rid your skin of this condition. You can even carry out the described method right at home.

Topical cream very effective

The use of topical cream can be very helpful against age spot, all you need to do is to simply buy any of the topical creams over the counter and you can apply it to the skin condition to get it removed. The topical creams are made using lightening agents. The lightening agent in the cream will help to lighten the age spot and restore your skin back to its normal color.

In most cases, the lightening agent in the creams is hydroquinone. This lightening agent is one of the most useful bleaching agents. While it is helpful to return your skin to normal, hydroquinone can also have its own negative impact on your skin. This can only happen if the concentration of hydroquinone in the cream is more than the normal amount.


Before you buy any of the lightening creams for dealing with your age spot, make sure that the concentration of hydroquinone is not more than 15%. Anything more than this can lead to some contrary outcomes on your skin at the end of the day.

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Age spot is common to the elderly. This is because it is associated with compromised immune system. When the immune system gets compromised, the sun is able to penetrate more into the skin and this will have negative effects on the melanocytes, which are the cells that are responsible for the production of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for skin coloration. Once the melanocytes are affected, they will not be able to produce enough melanin up to the quantity needed by the skin for its normal pigmentation. The little that is produced will form spots on the skin and the spots are referred to as age spots.

Age spots can come up on the younger ones too. If the young person has compromised immunity, he or she stands a very good chance of having this skin condition. Some of the conditions that can lead to compromised immune system include sickness and surgery.

There are several ways to treat age spot. You can decide to pay a visit to the hospital where treatment methods like laser or surgery will be applied on the age spot. But in case you do not want to pay a visit to the hospital to get the skin condition treated, you can always get things done at home. Do not forget that treating it at the hospital will surely consume some amount of money; since your health insurance does not cover such treatment. In order to protect your purse and protect your skin from the accompanying pain you will suffer when the skin condition is being removed at the hospital, you can decide to make use of some of the effective home remedies for age spot available.

Special topical creams

Instead of paying a visit to the hospital, you only need to pay a visit to the drug store. At the drug store, several topical creams are available for the effective removal of the skin condition. You only need to apply the cream on the skin condition.  The cream contains lightening agents that will help to lighten the skin and remove the spot formed by the age spot. Once removed, you will have your normal skin color back.


There are several topical creams out there. You should therefore choose the one you depend upon very carefully. Make sure that cream contains only about 5-10% of hydroquinone. If the concentration is more than this, it will have some negative effects on your skin.

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Age spots are mainly caused by the excessive disposition of lipofuscin in the upper layer of the skin. Age spot formation can also result from sunlight rays and ultraviolet light. They mainly affect arms, hands, neck and face. Since age spots make the skin look unattractive, most people suffering from this problem are constantly looking for age spot removal methods that would clear their skin of such freckles. While they may not be dangerous, it is always advisable to seek intervention measures so that you can develop a healthy, attractive and smooth skin. There are numerous methods of age spot removal. However, they may work well for some people’s skins and not on others.

Laser treatment is one of the age spot removal options that you can use to clear marks on your skin. The reason why it can effectively rid your skin of age spots is the fact that it removes melanin from your skin using the light within the red or infrared. As melanin is responsible for age spot formation, its eradication will either prevent or completely diminish such spots on your skin. Nevertheless, just like other methods, it would require patience. The patient will need to go through two to three sessions before realizing the most desired results. It is important to note that laser treatment does not destroy all pigment cells; it rather destroys these cells selectively.

The use of medications as age spot fading options is normally recommended before the patient considers other more ‘aggressive’ methods such as dermabrasion and laser treatment. Nonetheless, it is imperative that you get proper prescription so that you employ the right treatment. Medications that contain either hydroquinone or retinoid, for example, can effectively fade those embarrassing marks from your skin. In order for you to get the best results, you need to adhere to the doctor’s prescription and use it regularly for a couple of weeks or months. In case you notice any side effects on your skin, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Despite the fact that the above mentioned age spot intervention measures can effectively rid your skin of age spots, the best way to deal with these freckles is prevention. It is advisable to avoid sunlight rays and ultraviolet light by protecting your skin with sunscreen. Most importantly, you need to eat healthy foods in order to keep age spot formation at bay.

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Age spots are benign blotches that appear on the skin, mostly in old people after a lot of exposure to the ultra-violet rays of the sun. They are dark in color and are therefore most visible in individuals who are fair skinned.

Melanin is the component of the skin that protects it against the ultra viol

Age spots are dark blotches that appear on the skin due to the irregular production in melanin as one grows old. This irregular production in melanin is brought about by long exposure to the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. Although the blotches can appear on any part of the body, they mostly appear on the prominent parts of the body like the face, arms and the neck. They are benign and completely harmless and therefore should not be mistaken for any kind of a serious skin ailment like cancer.

Most people wonder what the difference between age spots and sun spots is. However, there is no difference since they are both synonyms of each other. That means that age spots can be referred to as sun spots or liver spots, as some people call them. At cellular level, age spots or sun spots are due to the accumulation of waste within the body cells called lipofuscin. This waste is harmful to body cells and destroys them, something that could easily lead to more serious conditions.

This accumulation of waste within the body cells is usually brought about by poor diet, smoking, lack of exercise, improper functioning of the body and a lot of exposure to the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. The latter causative factor explains why the condition is common among old people, since they are the ones who have had the most exposure to the sun’s rays. The skin has melanin that protects it from the ultra violet rays of the sun. Over-exposure to the rays causes irregular production of melanin in the skin and dark blotches appear. Therefore, it is important to avoid over-exposure to the sun’s rays so as to prevent the appearance of age spot on the skin.

Some people have been reported to have developed their sun spots develop into skin cancer. Apart from that, the blotches are usually very embarrassing especially when they appear on the prominent body parts like the face and arms. These two factors are the reason why one should get rid of age spot as soon as possible.

Sun spots can be cured and there are many methods to do so. They methods range from simple home remedies that can be carried out at no cost at all to complicated treatments that are only carried out by professional dermatologists.

One of these methods, for example, is cryotherapy that involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze and kill the cells around the affected area, hence allowing other cells to develop and replace them. This method however, could lead to permanent scarring or skin discoloration.

Another cure for sun spots is the use of hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent and when applied on light skin, it is very effective in completely removing age spot. This bleaching property, however, means that it cannot be used on dark skin and kojic acid can be used instead.


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Age spots are dark blotches on the skin that appear due to the aging of the skin, something that is brought about by pro-longed exposure to the sun’s rays. Apart from that, they are also caused by smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise especially in old people. The condition is benign although it can develop into skin cancer. This, along with the fact that it is a source of embarrassment when it appears on the prominent body parts, makes it necessary to treat age spots.

Age spots are treatable and there are many treatment options. They range from simple home remedies that can be cheaply implemented at home, to complex treatment methods that require the expertise of a professional surgeon or dermatologist.

One of the home remedies that can be used as treatments for age spots is the use of apple cider vinegar. It is usually mixed onion and applied carefully and directly to the epidermis of the skin.

Aloe Vera is another good treatment option for age spots and many other skin ailments. The plant’s leaves are crushed to extract the juice, which is gently rubbed on the blotches for about forty five minutes two times every day. This process should be carried out daily for about thirty days until the spots completely disappear.

If you cannot use any of these two methods, then there is the option of using the acid in lemon. This entails crushing the lemon to extract the juice and rubbing it on the blotches for about thirty minutes a session, two times a day for two months. This should be enough to completely get rid of the age spots.

If you want to take a shorter time to remove the age spots, then you can opt for castor treatment. You will be required to rub castor oil on the spots every morning and evening for about a month.

A month or two may seem quite long for some patients. Fortunately, there are faster treatment methods. Among the cheapest in these is the use of bleaching creams and retinoids. Hydroquinone is an example of a bleaching cream that is very effective in eliminating age spots on fair skin. It is however not advisable to use it on dark skin.

Laser therapy is among the most effective treatment options. A laser beam is directed to skin and is used to get rid of the irregular melanin without affecting any other part of the skin. In a few weeks of this treatment, the age spots will completely disappear.

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Age spots are black, brown or grey marks that appear on the skin’s surface. These marks on the skin are of different sizes. They range from freckle sizes to more than a centimeter wide.


Age spots are known to appear on older people and they come as a result of much exposure to the sun. However, younger people can get it as a result of a lot of much exposure to the sun.

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