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Best Age Spot Removal | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal

best age spot removal

Age spot has been around for long. It is called age spot because it normally appears on the elderly. One thing about age spot is that it can also appear on those who are younger. Age spot is associated with the sun; excessive exposure of the skin to the sun can lead to it. Aside this, it is also associated with reduced immune system. If your immune system is compromised due to age, chemotherapy or surgery, you also stand a very good chance of having the skin condition. Age spot also comes with different names; it can be called liver spot or brown spot due to its brown color, which looks like the color of the liver. Through this write up, you will learn about some top rated age spot removers.

How to remove it

Age spot can be removed using several removal methods. A visit to the internet today will show you several products that can be used in removing this skin condition. One of the most reliable removal methods for age spot involves the use of topical creams. Some specially deigned topical creams contain lightening agents, the lightening agents in the creams can work on your age spot and get it removed within a very short period of time. You only need to apply the creams normally as you have been applying the normal body cream. The lightening agents in the creams will work on the age spot and get it lightened. With consistent application, you will get your normal skin color back.

Different lightening creams are available on the market and you need to make your choice very carefully. This is because some of them may not be able to work well on your skin; despite the fact that they are able to work on other people’s skin. You need to look for an age spot removal cream that can work perfectly on your skin type.  The best way to make this choice rightly is to consult with a dermatologist, he or she will know your skin type and he will be able to direct you on the right topical cream that can get rid of the age spot.


Before you put your trust in any of the top rated age spot creams, make sure you carry out a personal research on the product. Find out if the product is able to work on every skin type before you buy.


age spot

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Age Spot Removal methods are varied and available to most people suffering from the condition with a large number of methods being available for use both at home and in hospitals. Experts commonly employ the use of removal methods such as cryosurgery, ablation, and electrocautery. Ablation involves the use of laser rays which help with the vaporisation of the growth where experts carefully manipulate the concentration of the rays to achieve maximum results. The other age spot removal method, cryosurgery involves the use of liquid nitrogen. This treatment is done by freezing the growth where the nitrogen is applied using a spray gun to effect the freezing therapy. Cryosurgery is only effective when treating small growths. If this age spot removal method is used on larger lesions, it may result in the formation of a permanent white spot after the completion of the treatment. The electrocautery method on the other hand involves actual surgery. This age spot removal method can either be done using the electric current to execute the surgery or it can be done using a curette (a special surgical instrument). Minimal amounts of bleeding are expected when this age spot removal method is being carried used. The method is also known to be a lot slower than the other removal methods mentioned.

Age spot removal can also be done at home with the main removal methods being the use of glycolic acid and the use of hydrogen peroxide. The procedure for using hydrogen peroxide is pretty simple. First, a solution with a 40% hydrogen peroxide concentration is formed. A moisturising cream is then applied on areas surrounding the lesions to avoid having any contact between the solution and the unaffected parts. After the protective cream is applied, the solution is applied to the lesions and left for about 20 minutes in order to allow the solution to act on it. The person applying the solution must also ensure that they wear gloves in order unnecessary body contact with the solution. The age spot removal procedure involving glycolic acid is quite similar to the one using hydrogen peroxide with the only difference being that the solution must have a 30% acid concentration. However, this method is known to cause some significant levels of irritation and itchiness.

As can be seen, the home remedies’ procedures for age spot removal are quite easy to follow. Any literate person can read and follow instructions until the desired levels of effectiveness are realised.

age spot

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Solar lentigines (singular lentigo) also known as age spots are small pigmented and very narrow muscles that are surrounded by normal appearing skin. They are caused by Ultraviolet rays from the sun or other artificial sources. Solar lentigines removal can be done in a number of ways that will be discussed in this article but first, prevention is better than cure hence it is of great importance to avoid further damage so if possible, avoiding excessive exposure of the skin to sunlight especially between 10.00p.m and 3.00p.m would be very crucial since the ultraviolet rays from the sun are the main cause of these lentigines.

Now back to solar lentigines or age spotss removal. One method used is applying lemon juice on the lentigines. The juice should be preferably freshly prepared. Here, the lentigo is dabbed gently using a piece of cloth and it is expected that in around two months, the spots should have disappeared. Another one would be the use of apple cider vinegar together with onion juice. The mixture of the two is applied directly on the solar lentigines and within six weeks, they should have left.

Vitamin E oil is also good in age spots removal. This helps in reducing the color of the spots hence reducing their visibility. Other bleach creams like hydroquinone may also be used in reducing the color of the lentigines, but some of them might not work effectively with some people so it is advisable to exercise caution when handling such. Liquid nitrogen can also be used to freeze the area with the lentigo. This has a soothing effect and also helps in solar lentigines removal.

Another very widely used and also effective method of solar lentigines and age spot removal is application of aloe vera gel directly on the lentigines. Aloe vera is known to be good in healing burns and its many healing properties. Fresh juice or gel extracted from the plant is rubbed on the age spots twice a day for a period of about a month or two and it is expected that by the end of the period, the patches would be no more.

Castor oil is another method of solar lentigines removal that works very effectively. It works best when applied on the spots twice per day, i.e. in the mornings and in evenings. However, it is advisable to use castor oil that is sweet smelling or odorless since some are known to have not so attractive smells.

When using the above methods of solar lentigines removal, it is important to ensure that consistency is kept since the results are faster compared to random irregular attempts.

Be safe! It is important to note that some of these creams and juices are acidic, for example lemon juice and would cause very painful stings when they come to contact with the eyes, sensitive skin or other sensitive organs so when applying them around such organs, be very careful.

age spots

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Age spots on skin are blemish spots which appear on the skin as we age as a result of continued exposure to the sun. This damages the skins appearance as it has several spots with pigmentation different from that of the normal skin. The age spots range in colours from light brown to red or black.

As can be derived from the name “age spots on skin” appear on the skin on most of the surfaces which are most exposed to the direct rays of the sun. These parts include the neck, surfaces of the forearms, ears, lips, face and chest especially for people who like to sun bathe. They appear as dried up hard granular spots with varying shades from the normal skin. Since they are associated with age they are most common in people of ages past 40 years when the skin has lost its ability to regenerate from sun exposure.

In many cases age spots on skin do not pose any threat and require no immediate treatment, however, many people find them unsightly and thus seek treatment to get rid of them. If anything, sometimes age spots on skin hinder the detection of skin cancer thus prompting medical attention.

There are several ways of dealing with treating age spots on skin ranging from simple home remedies to complex procedures involving medical doctors.

Home remedies for treating age spots on skin involve applying a lightening moisturizer on the spots. There are very many moisturizers currently available for one to choose from. However one needs to be cautious when dealing with moisturizers since some have adverse side effects and do not tackle the problem effectively.

Another home remedy for age spots on skin involves the use of over the counter skin brighteners which are found to have fewer side effects and in essence are gentler.

Creams have also been developed which can be applied on the age spots leading to their discoloration and eventual fading and disappearance. These are very effective since they function as treatment and also help in prevention of development of more age spots on skin.

There are other complex methods of dealing with age spots on skin some involving the use of laser beams or electricity. Overall the effectiveness of each method depends on individual basis thus when you take that first step in eliminating the spots seek advice on each method and its effects.

age spots

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Some people are so obsessed with fashions and trendy things that they would also expect to find the best age spot remedy for 2011. Although scientists across the globe are trying their level best to discover safer, more effective and affordable age spot removers, it could be quite difficult to say with certainty which age spot remover topped the list as the best in the year 2011. The reason is very simple; people judge or appraise these remedies differently. There are those who will use price, ingredients, place and manufacturer while others will base their judgment on successful treatment.

It does not matter whether you choose natural remedies for age spot treatment, over the counter remedies for erasing, laser treatment or surgery. The most important thing is to achieve one goal; to get rid of age spot from your skin. Choose the option that will work well for you and reverse the blemishes on the surface of your skin. It is also good to understand what causes age spots on the surface of one’s skin so that you can integrate age spot prevention and treatment.

Nevertheless, you need to be aware of some of the best age spot removers so that you do not blindly fall for anything. This is dangerous because you may not be able to draw a line between genuine and counterfeit removers of age spots. Though some people might not consider CynergyTK to be the best age spot remover for 2011, those that have used CynergyTK have testimonies concerning its effectiveness. It is capable of stimulating new skin cell growth and can also provide the skin with a brighter as well as creamy dark complexion. If it is applied appropriately by its user, it can rid the skin surface of age spots within so short a time.

Another age spot treatment that has also potential of topping the list is Coenzyme Q10- CoQ10. Each person’s skin cell contains CoQ10. However, production of CoQ10 continues to decline as the individual grows older thus making the skin susceptible to sunlight.  If the CoQ10 cream is applied on your skin, it will gradually begin to replenish it with CoQ10. As a result, the skin on the affected part will also begin to regenerate and clear the age spots.  It is usually recommended that the age spot remover should contain microscopic-sized CoQ10 molecules in order to make penetration through your skin easier and faster.

age spot

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