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Age Spots Treatments | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal

age spots treatments

Age spots are dark, usually brown irregular blemishes that are found on the skin. They are associated with aging hence the name age spots. Age spots are caused by overexposure of the skin to the sun. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are the cause of the age spots.

The first and most commonly used method for treating age spots naturally is lemon juice. It is preferred by many people because it acts as a sterilizer and also as a skin toner. It has minimal side effects to the skin. However, it is important to note that the application of the juice might cause irritation to the users with sensitive skins. It is therefore advisable for such users to use mild lemon juice in the removal, and where irritation occurs, the use of the juice should be discontinued until the skin heals.

Another method used in treating age spots naturally is aloe vera gel. This gel is very popular as a result of its many therapeutic properties. They include the treatment of burns and numerous chronic skin ailments. This gel is applied directly to the skin surface and left there for about 15 to 20 minutes before it is washed off using cold water.

There are a lot of vitamins that are very good at removing age spots. Vitamin E equalizes the skin pigmentation and eliminates the spots. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and it repairs uneven skin pigmentation. Vitamin A also takes part in removing age spots. These vitamins may be taken orally or applied as cream when used in treating age spots.

Castor oil is also another very effective method of treating age spots naturally. Its application ensures that the skin is more evenly pigmented therefore the age spots and other pigmentation problems vanish. It is recommended that during treatment it is applied on the affected area before going to bed and washed off after waking up.

A diet that has a lot of raw vegetables and fruits can be also classified among methods of removing age spots naturally as it has a cleansing effect that reduces the age spots with time. This diet should have minimal processed foods and not be spicy. Red meat should also be avoided. To obtain fast and impressive results, this diet should be followed for around 6 days and repeated once every three months.

Sour milk is another good method for treating age spots naturally. The lactic acid that is contained in the milk helps in enhancing gentle peeling of the skin without irritation or dryness. It also assists in lightening the skin pigmentation especially on the region with the spots. A thick mask of sour cream should be applied on the part of the skin with the age spots.


age spots

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Age spot is a very common skin condition today. If you check the skin of many people you meet on the street, it is possible for you to come by the skin condition on them. The skin condition had been found to be more in the older generation. Some younger individuals too can have it, but the number of younger individuals having the skin condition is considerably few in comparison with the older ones.  Several factors are responsible for the growth of the skin condition and this simple write up will look into the possible cause of age spot. This can go a long way in helping you to put the thing under control.

Age is a factor

The older generation is mostly affected by age spot. This is simply because their skin is very weakened. It is not able to resist the UV ray from the sun. The UV ray then easily penetrates into the skin and cause what is called age spot on the skin. When the UV ray enters into the skin, it will damage the melanocytes, which will behave abnormally in its duty of producing melanin. Melanin is the pigment responsible for the skin coloration and once it is affected; its melanin production will get affected. The little melanin that gets produced will only spread unevenly on the skin, which will lead to age spot.

Affected immunity

Once the immune system of an individual is affected, the individual becomes susceptible to the skin condition. There are certain factors that can lead to compromised immune system. Some of them include sickness, chemotherapy and surgery. Old age too is responsible for compromised immune system and this can make the skin condition grow on the older generation. The younger ones can end up suffering from sickness and they can have surgery. This then exposes them to damaging effect of the UV ray from the sun, which can then lead to the formation of age spot on their skin. The UV ray will then penetrate into the skin and lead to the production of the age spots.


The best treatment method that should be implemented for age spot is prevention. One good way to prevent the occurrence of the skin condition on your skin is to use sunscreen, sunscreen can help to protect your skin form the UV ray of the sun and prevent the occurrence of the skin condition for as long as you use the sunscreen.

age spot

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What is the right way for age spots treatment? That is the question most people keep asking themselves. Contrary to the belief that age spots are permanent they can actually be treated and removed completely from the body. There is no right way of doing a wrong thing hence before you even start any skin infection ensure you have a medical scan to ensure you are treating the right infection. Age spots are cancerous however they can hide cancer just in case you have skin cancer hence it’s better to have a skin cancer scan first before proceeding with the treatment.

Depending on one particular method of age spot treatment cannot be effective enough as to cure the infection. A combination of treatment options will benefit you more plus it will remove the lesions faster. The main aim of age spot treatment should be to remove the unsightly appearance of these lesions while at the same time preventing infection of the uninfected part. The most widely known age spot treatment used by many people is the application of light skin moisturizer. You will find different types of skin moisturizers in the market today however not all target the individual skin problem.

The best lightening moisturizer for age spot treatment should have ingredients or components which enhance collagen production in the outer layer of the skin. These components should be able to reduce the lesions without inflicting any injuries to your skin. Always make sure the products you purchase are the ones recommended to you by the dermatologist don’t prescribe for yourself medication or do some trial and error technique on your skin.

There are also other over the counter creams which can be bought and will work best for your skin. Some of these creams are the ones which contain vitamin A since these creams help to fade discoloration while stimulating the growth of a brand new skin. This creams work best in combination with other creams however it takes a long time of persistency to reach full treatment. When using these age spot treatment creams keep in mind that the cream can dry up your skin or irritate if it doesn’t go well with your skin. This is possible for all who have sensitive skin.

In conclusion, prevention is also one of the best ways of age spot treatment. The major source of age spot is overexposure to the sun hence minimizing your outdoor activities during sunny days or applying sunscreen lotion has proved to be effective.

age spots

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Age spots are also known as solar lentigines or liver spots. They are a flat, brownish black mark on the skin. They are produced between the 2 upper layers of the human skin, i.e., between the epidermis and dermis. At times, this pigment is not evenly distributed and gathers in little “clusters” that are usually seen on the face or backside of hands.
Age spots discolorations are noncancerous, flat, brown or yellow skin that commonly appears on the backside of the hands, face and neck of people over 40 years. These types of age spots are generally not serious, but are principally a pain because they can reveal one’s age. However, if you have shady irregular spots that increases in dimension or change in texture or color, have them tested by a physician as it could be a sign of skin cancer.

There are some home treatments for age spots which will certainly do a great job in eliminating them.  These spots develop over time and it may very well take a good while before your treatment erases them completely.

Lemon juice: Lemon juice acts as bleaching agent to lighten the age spots. According to the manuscript of Doctors of home treatment, when this cure is applied for 6 to 8 weeks the age spots will begin to disappear.

Onion Vinegar: Blend the onion and sap using a filter bowl to collect the juice. Blend equal quantity of apple cider to this and apply substance to affected area. This is one of the effective methods of treatment that will also reveal better results in five or six months.

Apple Cider Vinegar: One or two drops of the apple cider vinegar into a glass of water and then drunk. Honey can be added for a more pleasant taste.

Aloe Vera: This is found to be highly effective in the treatment of age spots. Aloe Vera can also be used to treat injuries such as burns. It is also a good facial moisturizer.

Castor oil: Age spots are typically rough on the surface. For a smoother look, you may apply castor oil two times per day for one or two months after which you will begin to see an improvement in the appearance.

Cucumber: Its juice or slices is very effective in eliminating age spots overtime. Just as you would place slices of cucumber on your puffy eyes, do the same to your age spots.

age spots

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Age spots are a common skin disease that is known to be dominant to people who are in their 50’s. More and more people are reported to get age spots once they are at this age gap a factor that has been attributed to the toxic levels in the atmosphere. Another contributor to this problem is the way of life and disregard to proper health measures. No one likes to have age spots on their face or on any other part of the body yet it is the face that tends to have the bigger percentage of attack.

Most people will strive to concealing the facial age spot more than spots on any other part of the body. This is understandable more so when you consider that it is the face that is a key link in the communication between two people. Age spots on the face thus play a greater reason as to why many do not like age spots.  Having spots of a color different from that of your skin is a frustrating thing that may lead to drastic ways of removing them; it is thus important for one to try and know what it is that he suffers from before taking any measure of removing the spots.

Seeking the services of a dermatologist should be the first thing one can do to get advice on how to deal with age spots. The doctor will give you medical solutions of dealing with the problem. Use of facial creams is the most common solution offered and these creams are available over the counter; a more reason why consulting a professional skin specialist is paramount lest you do damage to the face. Dealing with age spots on the face requires one to maintain a clean skin during application of medication to have good results that leave less or no evidence of age spots.  Another method of dealing with age spots on the face is by use of make-up to conceal them. This however is something that would be done by the ladies and a few self-confident men.

There are those who will lean on natural remedies to deal with age spots on the face.  This too should not be down played as a medical approach to the problem for is it just that. That said; seeking advice on the healing progress from a doctor though one is on natural medicinal remedies is encouraged for complete analysis and assurance. Ensuring you cover the face with sunscreen is one preemptive measure in ensuring that the possibilities of a having to deal with age spots on the face are low. Eating a balanced diet and taking a lot of water is also a good practice for health skin maintenance.

age spots

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It is common to find someone with  age spots on their face. The face is one of the parts of the body which are exposed to the sun on a daily basis. The mark can also appear on your skin as a result of aging. The marks are common in older people and they can be black, brown or gray in color.  They are not painful and should be flat. For people who are above 40, an age spot on face should be examined by a doctor. This is necessary in order to confirm that it is harmless because some spots actually indicate there is a cancer forming on your skin.


In most cases, you do not need to go for any treatment if you have an age spots, you can simply use some fading creams to make the mark appear lighter. Most of the fading creams that are available in the market have retinoids and hydroquinone. Before you use any creams on your age spots, you should test it on another part of your body because some of them can cause irritation. You can also consult your doctor before you use the cream to make sure it is safe for your skin.


If the creams do not work effectively to fade the age spots on your face, you should consider some intensive treatments. One of the intensive options that you can consider is laser therapy. This form of therapy will help to reduce the pigmentation on the age spots. The treatment is effective but you may need to go for more than one session to get good results. This is an expensive option and you may also have some scarring.


Once you have received treatment for your facial age spots, you need to start wearing protective clothing. Make sure you wear a wide brimmed hat to protect yourself from the UV rays which increase melanin production. You also need to choose the right time to go out in the sun. The sun is very hot between noon and 3 pm therefore it is better to avoid it. Wearing sunscreen is also essential if you want to prevent the appearance of another age spots on your face once you have received treatment. Prevention is definitely better because the treatment can take a while before you get results. Protecting your skin is the best prevention.


age spots

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Quick Age Spots Removal

Everyone on earth will grow old. We will all get creased skin, become incapable of controlling our bowel movements, and even our bladder will present challenges. Without a doubt, we will most certainly acquire age spots. However, age spots conversely, can be found on the younger generation and for the extremely beauty conscious youngster, age spots on shoulders and hands are extremely unacceptable.

Age spots also known as liver spots and sun spots are generally brown, flat skin marks usually connected with aging and excessive sun exposure. They frequently appear on sun exposed areas of the body, e.g. the face and hands. Age spots are risk-free and not in any way considered cancerous.

Many people go the extra mile just to eliminate this harmless skin condition focusing mainly on the hands. The fact is, the only reason people fight to eliminate age spots on that appear on the face and hands, is beauty. There are a lot of treatments for age spots available. The disadvantage of these remedies is that they are costly and would acquire more than one sitting to achieve the desire effects.

There are natural home treatments for age spots that you can apply with roughly the same effect. Many natural components that you can discover in your store and garden can aid you in eliminating those age spots. Natural ingredients like aloe vera which is well known as a healing agent for a variety of skin conditions, apple cider vinegar which contains sulphur that combats age spots and castor oil and also the lowly dandelion can aid in lightening the spots as well making them vanish altogether.

However, if you wish to avoid going through these processes altogether, then prevention is key. Apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every day including during the winter months. Always, always minimize sun exposure, especially during the summer months. If you can, avoid the sun during the hours of 10:00am and 4:00pm and wear protective clothing including hats, shirts with long sleeves, long pants and sunglasses.

Age spots are risk-free, harmless. Simply put, looking beautiful makes you experience really positive feelings. Even minimum of improvement in your personal appearance can lead to a variety of changes in your life. As people say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so go ahead, do what it takes to make yourself beautiful because only you can decide how you want to look and what you want people to see.

age spots

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If you have age spots that are visible on your skin, then getting a good cream would go along way in eliminating them before they become more spread out.  It is however important to have an understanding of the true cause of the blemishes in a bid to find the most sailable top age spot creams.

The starting point would be to appreciate the fact that the melanin on your skin is caused by the changes that take place in the body. Melanin is a pigmentation that is responsible for the colour of your hair, body and skin. In the case that there is over production of the melanin, the age spots may become eminent on the skin.  Other factors that are known to cause age spots are inclusive of the following; hereditary, pregnancy, medication and aging.

Depending on the severity of your condition, there are many products in the market that can play a big role in fading the age spots away. When making a selection of the best creams to buy, it is advisable to avoid those with the following ingredients; dioxane, Isopropyl alcohol and Ethyl parabene.

There are many skin whitening creams in the market today that contain such ingredients that are known to cause a reaction to the skin. It is essential to take a look at the ingredients before making the purchase. Below is list of the top age spots creams that can be found in the market today.

Ag3derm is a blemish solution that gets rid of the age spot completely. It does not fade them away but rather totally eliminates them. The formula is effective and works within a period of two weeks. One is required to make an application twice a week. The product is totally natural which eliminates any side effects becoming visible.

Creams that consist of extrapone nutgrass are very effective in eliminating age spots.  It has been scientifically studied and proven that this herb inhibits the production of melanin in the body. In comparison to other kinds of ingredients it is more gentle on the skin.

Cynergy TK is also a cream that is effective in eliminating age spots. It is actually rated as one of the top age spots creams. It contains keratin that is known to stimulate collagen and the growth of elastin in the body.

The web is the best place to locate information on the top age spots creams that are available today.

age spots

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Fading age spots would be at the top of your priorities if you have those unsightly spots on your skin. There are times when one will buy all kinds of creams in the market which will prove ineffective in fading age spots.  This can be very discouraging especially when you have just spent too much money on that.  It is therefore important to first understand what the age spots are.

Age spots are also refereed to as liver spots though they do not have a connection with the liver. There are mainly caused when too much melanin is produced. Melanin is responsible for giving the skin pigmentation and providing it with protection from the ultra violent rays of the sun. When a person is exposed to excess sun, the production of the melanin will increase in order to provide additional protection for the skin. When there is an imbalance in melanin production, the age spots may start become visible on the skin.

There are many methods that can be use in fading age spots today. One has the option to either make use of acid treatment, laser treatment or even use liquid nitrogen to freeze the spots off. However, the major drawback of these procedures would be on the cost and probably the side effects.

The reality is that there are easier methods of removing the age spots. The use of a whitening cream that consists of the right ingredients will be very helpful. When purchasing a suitable lightening cream one should be very careful as there are products in the market that can provide to contain harmful chemicals. Get to rid the contents of the cream before making a purchase and understand the role of each.

There are certain ingredients that you should watch out for when making a selection of a suitable whitening cram. One of this would be the Extrapone Nutgrass which was initially introduced by Symrise and was mainly an anti irritant. Experts came to discover later that it has got suitable whitening properties within it which are very essential in fading age spots.

There are scientific researches that have shown that extrapone nutgrass is very suitable when it comes to blocking the production of melanin up to 40%. It is very a safe to make use of and the age spots can get to lighten very naturally. Another major advantage of this element is that it does not present any side effects to the user.

Fading age spots can also be achieved by making use of home remedies. It is necessary and sufficient to weigh out all your options before making a decision.

age spots

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Age Spots On The Legs

As a person ages, it becomes inevitable to avoid any changes on the skin. The changes may be normal but that does not imply that you can sit back and do nothing about them.  If you want to reduce the age spots on legs, then there are several options that you can decide to make use of.

A home lightening product can be used to eliminate the age spots on legs.  These kinds of products have been known to be effective while treating this condition that causes discoloration of the skin. With time, the age spots on the legs will fade off after continual and consistent use of the products.  It would be a dream come true to be able to wear that beautiful summer dress without having to worry about the age spots on legs.

Microdermabrasion is yet another approach that can be used to get rid of the age spots on legs. This will involve the skins abrasion with some of the crystal particulates through the skin layers that have get pigmentation complications. Microderabrasion on the neck, face and hands is common.


The cost factor is a very important consideration when dealing with the age spots on the legs. Microdermabrasion is costly especially if it attacks a large part such as the legs. Skin lighteners are more cost effective and can be used to eliminate the age spots on the legs.  They can be used at home comfortably.

It is essential to identify quality products that will assist you to get rid of the age spots on legs. There are numerous products on the market that yield no results at all and therefore doing research is encouraged. The web plays host to numerous websites that provide products for this purpose. Get to read about the product ad their reviews. That way you will be able to establish how it has worked for others. Getting to know the particular composition of a product will go along way in making sure that you get the very best.

Buy the whitening skin products that are natural so as to avoid side effects that can be caused by chemicals. Microdermabrasion is a secure method of removing the skin discolorations. Your legs will get a better and more even skin tone with the use of these options.

After the age spots on legs have been cleared off, you can comfortably wear you shorts and mini dresses during the summer period.

age spots

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