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Age Spot Removal On Legs | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal

Age Spot Removal On Legs

Age spot on the leg can affect your self confidence and it can make the skin look rather unsightly. It comes up more often as one grows older; its occurrence had also been discovered on the younger generation. Anyone having compromised immune system can also have the skin condition. It is possible to get rid of it at the hospital using laser or surgery. These methods are however expensive and an average Joe may not be able to afford it. Your health insurance does not cover for the treatment and this means you will have to bear the cost all alone. Anyone who can’t afford the hospital treatment of age spot can always get the thing treated right at home. There are some simple home made treatment methods that can be applied on the skin condition successfully. You can also decide to leave the age spot alone on your legs; since your legs are not always open for all to see.

Topical creams to the rescue

Some medical experts have made some topical creams available for use by those who have age spots. You can get the topical creams at any of the drug stores without any prescription. You only need to apply the topical cream to the surface of the skin condition and the thing will be taken care of in a matter of days. The topical creams will have bleaching effect on the age spot and the spot will fade away.

Try hydrogen peroxide

It is also very possible to treat your age spot with hydrogen peroxide. A cotton ball will be needed to carry out this treatment method. Dip the cotton ball into the hydrogen peroxide. Roll the soaked cotton ball all over the age spot and you can expect complete removal of the spot within days after you must have started the treatment. The hydrogen peroxide can have burning effect on the skin. Because of this, it should be diluted before it is applied on the skin. The hydrogen peroxide should not be too concentrated. About 5% concentration of the solution is just perfect for the removal of age spot.


Cover the age spot with band aid after you must have applied the hydrogen peroxide to it. The band aid will ensure that the solution remains on the skin until it helps to get the liver spot removed. Ensure that you replace the band aid on daily basis.



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Age Spots Removal On Legs

As people grow older, it becomes harder to fight off changes to the physical appearance of skin. Even though it is absolutely normal for these changes to occur, it is possible to keep the skin looking young and healthy. Age spots are one of the most common changes that appear as people grow older. There are several options available for age spots removal on legs.

One of the options is use of skin lightening products. These products can even the skin tone and eventually do away with age spots. The main cause of age spots is a condition referred to as hyper pigmentation. This condition causes production of excess pigment (melanin) on localized areas of the skin. As a result, the best products to use to treat the condition are skin lightening products. Consistent use of these products leads to gradual fading of the age spots and they eventually disappear completely.

Another method that is used to deal with age spots is microdermabrasion. A special hand-held tool is used that expels abrasive crystals from the tip towards the skin. The result of this is that the top layer of skin is weakened and then removed by the abrasive crystals. The machine also has a suction function and it vacuums the removed skin cells together with the used up particles as the procedure is being carried out. Depending on a person’s tolerance for pain, a localized anesthetic may be used to reduce the discomfort of the procedure. Microdermabrasion can be used to remove layers of skin in areas that have become darker than others to even the skin tone. It is commonly used on the face, hands, and neck.

A person considering age spots removal has to keep in mind the cost of the procedure. Cost is mainly affected by the amount of the skin that is affected by age spots. A procedure such as microdermabrasion can be very costly when there is a big area of skin that needs to be worked on. If the age spots on the skin cover a large area, using skin lightening creams for a longer duration of time is more cost effective.

If a person decides to use a skin lightening cream, there are important considerations that must be made. The product that is chosen should give a client the best chance of getting rid of age spots on the legs. There are many websites on the internet where customers post comments on their experiences with different skin lightening products. A dermatologist can also be consulted in order to give a recommendation on the best products.

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