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Age Spot Creams | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal

age spot creams

There are different methods through which age spot can be removed from the skin. These methods are so many and it may be somewhat challenging to come by the ones that can be said to be completely reliable. But with the proper search, you are sure to come by very reliable methods that can help to get rid of the skin condition from your skin. Many methods had been developed for removing age spot. But the use of age spot creams tends to be the most reliable of the available methods. In 2012, some new topical crams had been developed for the removal of age spot. This write up will show you how to choose the best age spot cream in 2012.

The main contents

Many of the creams that are effective for the removal of age spot contain hydroquinone as the main active ingredient. Hydroquinone had been discovered to be very helpful in bleaching off the age spot and you will be able to have your normal skin color back.  But it is very important to check the quantity and concentration of the hydroquinone in any of the topical creams before you use it for treating your age spot. If the hydroquinone has exceptionally high concentration, it can end up having some negative impact on your skin.

What the reviews are saying

There is rarely any product that does not have one form of review or the other on it. You should check out the reviews on the product before you make attempt to use it on your age spot. If the reviews on the product are positive, you can depend on it for the removal of your age spot. But if the review is negative, you may do well to look out for another product that can be used on the skin condition.

Check the cost

The cost does not need to be high before the product can be effective. Some cheaper products have even been discovered to have good effect on age spot. You should search well for a product that is cheap enough for treating your age spot. Before you make use of the cheap cream however, make sure you find out how reliable the product is.


The product to be used for treating your age spot should be safe. If the product ever has any history of negative effect, you should completely avoid it.  Find out how fast the effect of the cream is before you buy.


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There are many modern methods used to remove age spots and all of them have their benefits and associated risks. The use of cosmetic creams therefore appears to be one of the safest ways to get rid of unsightly age spots. The case for cosmetic creams is sometimes not that strong, especially with synthetic skin care creams. The only solution to enjoy the benefits of creams without risking skin health is therefore going organic.

Contrary to what the name suggests age spots are totally unrelated to the age of a person. The main culprit for the formation of the spots is ultraviolet radiation. The most common source of this radiation is the sun. The ultraviolet light causes skin cells to produce more pigment in order to protect inner layers from damage. As a result, age spots mostly occur on areas of skin exposed to the sun frequently such as legs, the face and neck. The damage caused by overexposure to the sun doesn’t show until a person is well beyond the age of 40. This explains the reason behind the naming of the condition.

Treating the condition naturally has been shown to be just as effective as other treatment methods. It also comes with the benefit of reduced risks. Natural treatment creams usually contain a substance called hydroquinone. This compound occurs naturally and is effective in making age spots disappear. One of the few places on earth where this substance is not available in cosmetic products is Europe. It was banned after a study showed that it could cause leukemia in animals. No study has shown a relationship between the compound and leukemia in human beings.

Many artificial skin lightening creams have at least one harmful substance that can lead to serious health conditions. The most widely known chemicals that have been proven to be harmful to peoples’ health are mercury chloride and ammoniated mercury. Creams containing these two substances were very popular until recently when the negative effects were discovered.

The effectiveness of natural compounds in reducing melanin content on skin is still very good compared to artificial chemicals. One component that has been found to be particularly effective is nutgrass root extract. It has been shown to reduce skin pigmentation by as much as 40%. There are many other natural compounds that have been proven to reduce skin pigmentation. The best natural creams for age spot removal combine two or more of these compounds to give stunning results. The result of this method of treating age spots is also guilt-free.


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Age Spot Removal methods are varied and available to most people suffering from the condition with a large number of methods being available for use both at home and in hospitals. Experts commonly employ the use of removal methods such as cryosurgery, ablation, and electrocautery. Ablation involves the use of laser rays which help with the vaporisation of the growth where experts carefully manipulate the concentration of the rays to achieve maximum results. The other age spot removal method, cryosurgery involves the use of liquid nitrogen. This treatment is done by freezing the growth where the nitrogen is applied using a spray gun to effect the freezing therapy. Cryosurgery is only effective when treating small growths. If this age spot removal method is used on larger lesions, it may result in the formation of a permanent white spot after the completion of the treatment. The electrocautery method on the other hand involves actual surgery. This age spot removal method can either be done using the electric current to execute the surgery or it can be done using a curette (a special surgical instrument). Minimal amounts of bleeding are expected when this age spot removal method is being carried used. The method is also known to be a lot slower than the other removal methods mentioned.

Age spot removal can also be done at home with the main removal methods being the use of glycolic acid and the use of hydrogen peroxide. The procedure for using hydrogen peroxide is pretty simple. First, a solution with a 40% hydrogen peroxide concentration is formed. A moisturising cream is then applied on areas surrounding the lesions to avoid having any contact between the solution and the unaffected parts. After the protective cream is applied, the solution is applied to the lesions and left for about 20 minutes in order to allow the solution to act on it. The person applying the solution must also ensure that they wear gloves in order unnecessary body contact with the solution. The age spot removal procedure involving glycolic acid is quite similar to the one using hydrogen peroxide with the only difference being that the solution must have a 30% acid concentration. However, this method is known to cause some significant levels of irritation and itchiness.

As can be seen, the home remedies’ procedures for age spot removal are quite easy to follow. Any literate person can read and follow instructions until the desired levels of effectiveness are realised.

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Age spots are brown blemishes on the skin that are associated with aging. They are caused mainly by overexposure to the sun. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are the cause of the age spots. There are quite a number of home remedies to the age spots but first, it is important to first prevent further damage. Since the ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the main cause, it is important to avoid further exposure to the sun especially between 10.00am and 3.00pm, when the sun is hottest.

Lemon juice is very good among age spot removal home remedies. A cotton ball or just a piece of cloth should be soaked in the juice and then wiped onto the age spots. This works best when mixed with sugar as it cleanses the skin and doubles up as a skin toner. In the event that the user has sensitive skin, it is advisable to use mild lemon juice to avoid irritation since the juice is acidic.

Cucumbers and potatoes are other effective age spot removal home remedies. The two are mashed and mixed together thoroughly then the paste is applied on the skin. It is left there for some time, roughly between 20 to 30 minutes then washed off with cold water. This technique works wonders especially when done continuously for a long period of time. It leaves the skin looking younger, brighter and healthier.

Hydrogen peroxide is also good compared to other age spot removal home remedies. It is applied on the age spots directly in the evenings and left until morning. This is a very effective method of removing age spots at home.

Sour milk is also good compared to other age spot removal home remedies. The lactic acid and other components found in the sour milk promote gentle peeling of the skin without dryness or irritation. It is also good since it has no side effects to the skin. A thick mask of sour cream may also be used on the area with the age spots.

Aloe vera juice or gel is also very effective among age spot removal home remedies. It is also a simple method with no side effects to the skin. The gel or juice is applied directly on the skin and in about 1 to 2 months, the age spots should have disappeared. Aloe vera is a good moisturizer and is known for its good handling of burns and its many therapeutic properties.

When using these age spot removal home remedies, it is crucial that their use is consistent. The results will be more distinct and fast if they are used consistently as opposed to irregular random use.

It is also important to clean the skin thoroughly before attempting any of these age spot removal home remedies. This ensures that there are no foreign particles or sweat that may hinder the action of these age spot removal home remedies on the skin. Also, some of these juices are acidic hence it is important to ensure that they do not come to contact with the eyes or any other sensitive organs as they may cause irritation.

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Age spots are dark, usually brown irregular blemishes that are found on the skin and are associated with aging. Age spots are caused by overexposure to the sun. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are the cause of the age spots. They are more common with the elderly people.

The first and most common way to remove age spots naturally is the use of lemon juice. Lemon juice is good as it acts as a sterilizer and also as a skin toner. It is preferred because it has no side effects to the skin. However, for those with sensitive skin, it is advisable to use mild lemon juice. This avoids irritation. In the event that the irritation occurs, use of lemon juice should be discontinued until the skin comes back to normal.

There are a lot of vitamins that are very good when used to remove age spots naturally. Vitamin E can equalize the skin pigmentation and eliminate the spots. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can repair uneven skin pigmentation. Another one is Vitamin A, which also fades the spots. These vitamins may be taken orally or applied as cream.

Another way to remove age spots naturally is the use of aloe vera gel. This gel is known for its many therapeutic properties. It is popular in treating burns and numerous skin ailments. When removing age spots, this gel is applied directly onto the skin and left there for about 15 to 20 minutes. It is then washed off using cold water.

Sour milk is also very good when used to remove age spots naturally. The lactic acid present in the milk helps promote gentle peeling of the skin without dryness or irritation. It also helps in lightening the skin pigmentation. A thick mask of sour cream may be applied to the skin on the area with the age spots.

Castor oil can also be used to remove age spots naturally. Its application results in a more evenly pigmented skin, thus reducing the age spots. It is recommended that it is applied on the affected area before going to bed and removed after waking up. It is advisable to use sweet smelling or odorless castor oil as some may have a not so pleasant smell.

A diet that has a lot of raw vegetables and fruits can be also classified among the ways used to remove age spots naturally as it has a cleansing effect and reduces age spots with time. This diet should have minimal processed foods and should not be spicy. Red meat should also be avoided. To obtain best results, this diet should be followed for around 6 days and repeated once every three months.

Safety first! It is very important that when using the methods that remove age spots naturally by applying gels or juices to the skin, ensure that the juices do not come to contact with the eyes or other sensitive organs as some of them are acidic and may result in irritation.

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If you have age spots that are visible on your skin, then getting a good cream would go along way in eliminating them before they become more spread out.  It is however important to have an understanding of the true cause of the blemishes in a bid to find the most sailable top age spot creams.

The starting point would be to appreciate the fact that the melanin on your skin is caused by the changes that take place in the body. Melanin is a pigmentation that is responsible for the colour of your hair, body and skin. In the case that there is over production of the melanin, the age spots may become eminent on the skin.  Other factors that are known to cause age spots are inclusive of the following; hereditary, pregnancy, medication and aging.

Depending on the severity of your condition, there are many products in the market that can play a big role in fading the age spots away. When making a selection of the best creams to buy, it is advisable to avoid those with the following ingredients; dioxane, Isopropyl alcohol and Ethyl parabene.

There are many skin whitening creams in the market today that contain such ingredients that are known to cause a reaction to the skin. It is essential to take a look at the ingredients before making the purchase. Below is list of the top age spots creams that can be found in the market today.

Ag3derm is a blemish solution that gets rid of the age spot completely. It does not fade them away but rather totally eliminates them. The formula is effective and works within a period of two weeks. One is required to make an application twice a week. The product is totally natural which eliminates any side effects becoming visible.

Creams that consist of extrapone nutgrass are very effective in eliminating age spots.  It has been scientifically studied and proven that this herb inhibits the production of melanin in the body. In comparison to other kinds of ingredients it is more gentle on the skin.

Cynergy TK is also a cream that is effective in eliminating age spots. It is actually rated as one of the top age spots creams. It contains keratin that is known to stimulate collagen and the growth of elastin in the body.

The web is the best place to locate information on the top age spots creams that are available today.

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