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Age spots are one of the skin problems that most people are wrestling with on daily basis. They are constantly trying to find solutions using all kinds of sources. The internet has become the most popular avenue that people are turning to for homemade solutions for removing age spots from their skin. While some of these age spot removal options effectively fade away all blemishes from your skin, some of them have side effects. Another thing that you need to remember is that these methods of clearing your skin of age spots do not guarantee an instant solution; they would require that you apply them regularly for a given period of time according to prescriptions provided.

The method that you may consider employing entirely depends on the timeframe required to rid your skin of age spots completely as well as how much time you would like to spend on the treatment.   Some people have successfully used age spot removal cream. The most popular one is the Retin A fading cream that contains an ingredient called tretinoin and it is the one responsible with the gradual removal of age spots from one’s face, hands, arms or neck. There are success stories of people who have been able to remove age spots from their skins completely after applying it regularly for 40 weeks. Therefore if you are looking for an age spot removal solution that will clear them overnight, Retin A cream might not work well for you.

The use of dermabrasion is also gaining momentum. Since most people are experimenting with a wide range of methods that would effectively remove age spots from their skin, they would not mind withstanding some pain. They would rather spend a few minutes going through the agony of scrubbing off the area on their skin that is dotted with age spots than staying with these embarrassing blemishes on their skin. It is possible to develop a new lighter skin after you undergo this procedure. However, it is always advisable to do thorough research so that you only enlist the services of a qualified professional. The internet is full of con people that are taking advantage of people’s ignorance and naivety to make quick bucks. Do not become part of this statistics of people that are being conned daily.

Finally, select a method that is safe and effective and use it regularly according to the prescriptions given.

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