Removal Of Age Spots

Age spots are mainly caused by the excessive disposition of lipofuscin in the upper layer of the skin. Age spot formation can also result from sunlight rays and ultraviolet light. They mainly affect arms, hands, neck and face. Since age spots make the skin look unattractive, most people suffering from this problem are constantly looking for age spot removal methods that would clear their skin of such freckles. While they may not be dangerous, it is always advisable to seek intervention measures so that you can develop a healthy, attractive and smooth skin. There are numerous methods of age spot removal. However, they may work well for some people’s skins and not on others.

Laser treatment is one of the age spot removal options that you can use to clear marks on your skin. The reason why it can effectively rid your skin of age spots is the fact that it removes melanin from your skin using the light within the red or infrared. As melanin is responsible for age spot formation, its eradication will either prevent or completely diminish such spots on your skin. Nevertheless, just like other methods, it would require patience. The patient will need to go through two to three sessions before realizing the most desired results. It is important to note that laser treatment does not destroy all pigment cells; it rather destroys these cells selectively.

The use of medications as age spot fading options is normally recommended before the patient considers other more ‘aggressive’ methods such as dermabrasion and laser treatment. Nonetheless, it is imperative that you get proper prescription so that you employ the right treatment. Medications that contain either hydroquinone or retinoid, for example, can effectively fade those embarrassing marks from your skin. In order for you to get the best results, you need to adhere to the doctor’s prescription and use it regularly for a couple of weeks or months. In case you notice any side effects on your skin, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Despite the fact that the above mentioned age spot intervention measures can effectively rid your skin of age spots, the best way to deal with these freckles is prevention. It is advisable to avoid sunlight rays and ultraviolet light by protecting your skin with sunscreen. Most importantly, you need to eat healthy foods in order to keep age spot formation at bay.

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