Radiesse Derma filler and the treatment of age spots

Just like several derma fillers used in dealing with wrinkles and some other skin imperfections Radiesse derma fillers can also be used in similar ways including the treatment of age spots.  The dermal filler is injected into the skin . The Radiesse derma filler is composed of some micropheres which are made up of Calcium and some water based gels. Unlike several other dermal fillers , the Radiesse derma filler helps stimulate collagen production in the body. Radiesse is generally used in improving the contours of the face and that includes removing wrinkles, folds , lines as well as sagging in some parts of the face.

Radiesse might be more popular in dealing with wrinkles , however many do not know that Radiesse can help remove age spots while the treatments of other skin imperfections are being removed. Some of the contents of the Radiesse contain some essential ingredients that can help remove such spots and clear the face from all sorts of dirts that clog the pores and trigger such skin infections.


Radiesse treatment can be performed in the office of a dermatologist or at a spa. The injections are often performed on out-patient basis, and patients are expected to return to their daily routine immediately after treatment. People who are likely to experience some mild pains during this treatment are often given some topical medications of anesthetic to reduce their pains. The whole processes of treatment is less invasive in nature , it takes less than 1 hour to finish the whole process.


The whole procedure Radiesse makes an individual recover at a very fast pace and this is because the procedure is very much invasive. There are few possibilities of getting side effects with this treatment and the treated portion heals quickly in less than 1 week.  Since the ingredients used in this treatment are naturally occurring elements in the skin, there are minimal risk factors  that come with the treatment. The likely side effects associated with this treatment are those resulting from the injection . These include; swelling, redness, pains and itching{ these side effects naturally ease themselves out after few weeks}.


There are no allergic reactions notable with Radiesse treatment, hence an individual should will be ideally okay after treatment. Much of the skin elasticity will be restored after treatment, not only this, age spots, sun spots and some other age related skin imperfections are cleared off.

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