Protect Your Children from Age Spots

Many people erroneously call the tiny freckles on the skin age spots but they are not really that and they have nothing completely to do with age. The speckles that people refer to as age spots actually come about because we get exposed to the sun and because of that there is an overproduction of melanin on the skin and this is what brings about these spots. When the skin gets too much sun exposure melanin defends the skin from the suns harmful rays. Having dark spots can become quite a problem and is very annoying for children and parents will definitely get very concerned.

Many factors are involved in the condition where the skin has freckles. One of the factors is hereditary and if a family has a history of age spots, there is the issue of susceptibility and one can be prone to these spots. People who are lighter have a problem of being exposed to the possibility of getting these spots. Lifestyle also can be a contributing factor in getting age spots.

Children are very playful and they love to play outdoors even when the sun can be very scorching. Parents who want to protect their children should take note of the hot sun and although they might find it difficult to protect their children from this heat, they will find that it is also not easy to protect their kids from getting age spots. It would be advisable however to find a safe and shaded place where kids can play under the sun but protected from it. An area that is shaded for example solariums are a great idea.

Because kids will find it difficult to use umbrellas when the sun is hot, it would be better to use sunscreen or sun block and while using these you have to put into consideration their element because Higher SPF protects better. What your child eats is also important as this might affect their skin. Junk food is not advisable and health foods are preferable. Fruits and vegetables will give the skin better health.

If age spots are already there your child will have to go to a dermatologist and the dermatologist will help your child get rid of freckles and can recommend the medication that your child will use. Many available alternative treatments are there when you want to deal with age spots. You can use creams, lotions and even surgery but because prevention is better than cure, it would be advisable to take preventative measures rather than get age spots and have to go through treatments.

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