Natural Remedies for Age Spot Removal

Age spots are flat brownish skin discolorations that are very common among white or light skinned people between above 40 years old.  Age spot formation result from excessive exposure to sunlight over a considerable period of time. The fact that they don’t develop overnight implies that the age spot natural remedy that you intend to apply would require that you to demonstrate patience and commitment before you can begin to see good results. Most people have heard or read about home remedies for age spot removal and therefore they come with the presumption that any of them will produce instant results.

Inasmuch as you are looking for home remedy options for age spot eradication, ensure that you stay away from excessive exposure to sunlight or protect your skin using a sunscreen. Increased exposure only worsens the condition and could also slow down the achievement of the intended results due to further sunburns. However, it is unwise to avoid the sunlight completely since it facilitates the production of vitamin D which is useful for the body. As soon as you notice signs of sunburns (the skin begins to turn pink in color), you can get indoors or move to a shade.

Another very important home remedy for age spot prevention is the intake of a balanced diet in its right amounts and time. It is common knowledge that deficiency in certain foods could cause age spots. In fact most home remedies for age spot lightening work on the principle of replenishing the body with missing nutrients in the body. Drinking plenty of water ensures that the body remains cleansed. Eat foods such as bananas, avocados, melons and apricots which are rich in potassium as well as selenium rich foods because deficiency in either of them causes age spots.

The use of castor oil as a home remedy for age spot removal is one of those options that can very easily be ignored. It might look so ordinary yet it can effectively clear blemishes from your neck, hands, arms and face. This castor oil is applied twice a day until the age spot becomes invisible. You can as well use dandelion sap which is supposed to be rubbed on the affected areas at least twice a day.

Always remember that it is easier and cheaper to prevent age spots on your skin than finding the most appropriate, safe and effective home remedy.

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