Methods to Treat Liver Spots

From exposure to the sun the pigments in the skin resist to protect it, as the body ages liver spots can appear. Liver spots also known as age spots  appear on the arms, face, backs of hands sometimes the back and chest, liver spots are discolored patches of tan and brown. There is a fact is that although liver spots are seems to be harmless but the appearance of liver spots are discomfiting. No doubt, the appearance of liver spots is able to decrease by the treatment. Now we are going to mention some instructions that how to treat liver spots.

Firstly, one should be remember that he should avoid himself from sun’s harmful rays. By several years of accumulated time spent in the sun liver spots are caused. So we can say that by limiting the amount of time spent in direct sunlight one can able to prevent further liver spots.

Secondly, utilize sun block in order to protect your skin during in the sun. To completely block out harmful sun rays SPF 30 through SPF 65 are especially designed, in this way one may able to prevent the darkening as well as appearance of current liver spots. During sitting and working in outdoors one should also utilize a wide-brimmed hat to protect his face and head.

Thirdly, for the purpose of fading age spots one should apply a skin-bleaching cream. It is important to remember that there are some creams which may need to be reapplied as such creams are not powerful enough to decrease the appearance of liver spots. Furthermore, one should find such sort of cream which contains Kojic Acid and Aloe Vera.

Fourthly, with two tablespoons of salt and one fourth cup of a lemon juice mix a home remedy. Moreover, to naturally bleach the skin, apply this mixture to liver spots as well as avoid excessive drying of sensitive skin be sure to rinse the skin and moisture after application.

Finally, about surgical procedures consult with your doctor like acid peels and liquid nitrogen applications and laser removal treatment. It must be kept in the mind that occurring of further skin discoloration is the basic complication or side effect of above mentioned treatments. Hopefully with the above advice you can reduce the appearance of your liver spots.

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