Make-Up Can Prevent Age Spots

Did you know that you can prevent age spots with the type of make-up that you use? Yes, what you heard is nothing but reality! Thanks to the presence of technology, make-up innovations now present make-ups that function in two areas, namely, aesthetics and skin care. Due to this skin care advancement, a sun protection factor which, according to its name, protects you from the sun, is now included in make-ups. However, picking the right SPF-equipped make-up for you is not an uncomplicated process.

First and foremost, you have to know what type of skin you have. This can easily be done with the aid of skin experts such as dermatologists or even those that are positioned in cosmetic stores. Even though the make-up has a high level of SPF, if it does not fit your skin type, then it will not function to the fullest. Make sure you have a complete set of SPF-equipped make-up.

To choose the base foundation you would like to use, determine your skin type and find a matching foundation for it. This is important so you will not make the mistake of using make-ups not suitable for a dry skin or for an oily skin. But you have to use face sunscreen first before dabbing on that foundation. It does not only protect you from the sun’s damaging rays but it also provides extra protection by reducing the tendency of your make-up to vanish. It will help if you look for the terms titanium oxide and zinc oxide because these materials protect from both the UVA and UVB rays. you can never go wrong with these two chemicals because they work together in making your  skin better protected from the sun’s rays. When buying your set of SPF-equipped make-up, you will perceive that there are also lipsticks created to protect our very vulnerable lips. It is really surprising that even lip products have SPF.

Due to the increasing number of SPF-equipped make-ups, it is actually very difficult to find out which of these several brands is the best or which of these will be very suitable for you. You can also inquire fom skin experts if they can commend a certain brand to you – one that is famous but also really helpful in terms of the SPF and the chemicals that protect your skin. Moreover, why not ask the people you know if they are using certain brands of make-ups and their reason for patronizing these certain brands? Just remember that you cannot believe everything the television has to say about a certain brand because you have to see before you believe.

Lastly, before purchasing anything, especially something you just have just seen for the first time, search for it in other stores and compare their prices. And do not forget the sunscreen – the most important part of your age spots preventing make-up set.

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