Laser Treatment For Age Spots

Age spots are unsightly and usually appear on the skin as one ages as a result of continued exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Many individuals who develop age spots seek several methods to treat the spots; the use of laser treatments is arguably the most effective methods.

Laser therapy for age spots involves fading the spots so they are less pronounced and in the long term eliminating them completely. Laser treatment works best when it is used on people with pale skins. The treatment procedure involves production of a powerful beam that shines through the outer layer of the skin. The spots then absorb the light energy and get hot for a fraction of a second, this energy is enough to break up the pigments.

During the laser treatment for age spots process, everyone in the room wears a laser suite since the laser light is very bright and can seriously damage the skin. Protective goggles are a must since the beams can damage the eyes.

The laser fires raid bursts of beams and the treated area may sting for moments depending on the area being treated and the power used. Immediately afterwards, a fine white scab is left, underneath which is an unsightly bruise which fades gradually. Another laser  treatment may be necessary after some time to eliminate the age spots fully.

After undergoing laser treatment for age spots, it is best to leave the treated area alone and it will generally settle rapidly. Further, avoid the sun or use strong sun block before and during treatment. Ultimately, be gentle with the treated area until it has settled down and resist picking and scratching it even when it may feel itchy.

Two laser treatments may be enough to get rid of all age spots but in case you require more time you need to consult with your doctor.

While use of laser therapy is quite effective against age spots, it may have some slight negative and anyone seeking this method should be aware of them. The most common effect after laser treatment for age spots is scarring. Other minor effects are the loss of naturally tanning ability in the treated area but this often improves with time. Moreover, it may be difficult to get an even tone in the treated area to match your natural skin colour if your general skin colour is not white.

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