Hydrogen Peroxide For Age Spots

Age spot is common on the skin of those who are advanced in age. This is because these individuals have compromised immune system. This makes their skin to be more susceptible to the effect of the ultraviolet ray from the sun. When this UV ray falls on their skins, it tends to result into the excessive production of the pigment called melanin. Accumulation of the pigments in the subcutaneous tissue leads to the formation of age spots.  The age spot normally come with this brown color and it is sometimes referred to as liver spot because of the semblance in the color of the age spot and the liver.  Aside this, there is no link whatsoever between the age spot and the liver.

Presence of age spot on the skin can make the skin rather unsightly. In order to remove this unsightly thing, one need to get rid of it as soon as possible, if you do not mind the ugly appearance of your skin anyway, you may not bother much about getting the thing removed; since age spot does not have any health implication whatsoever.

Many treatment methods had been formulated for the removal of age spot. One of the most prominent methods involves the use of hydrogen peroxide. This is also one of the easiest methods that can be used to get rid of the skin condition and give you your smooth and clean skin back. This simple write up will show you how to carry out the treatment of age spot with hydrogen peroxide.

The simple application

Hydrogen peroxide can help you to remove age spot gradually. After applying the liquid, it will help to gradually fade out the age spot. Hydrogen peroxide has this bleaching effect on the age spot and you will soon recover your normal skin color after some days of consistent application of hydrogen peroxide.

For better and cleaner application, dip a cotton ball into the hydrogen peroxide. Touch the soaked cotton ball to the surface of the age spot and make sure that it covers the top adequately. After this application, get the age spot covered immediately with band aid. This will help to prevent the evaporation of the hydrogen peroxide.


You can check under the band aid after about twenty four hours to see if the age spot had been removed. If it had not been removed, you should make a fresh application and cover with another band aid.

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