Hydrogen Peroxide Age Spots Remover

Age spots are a dark, usually brown blemish that is found on the skin and is mainly associated with aging. Age spots are caused by overexposure to the sun. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are the cause of the age spots. However, they are more common with elderly people hence the name age spots.

The skin has a layer of melanin. This is the dark pigment that gives color to the skin. It is also a protective pigment of the skin. When the skin is overexposed to the sun, more melanin is produced by the body to protect it from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

As one grows old, the small bits of melanin naturally clamp together and form dark patches that are known as age spots. The symptoms are worsened by tanning beds and genetics in some cases but the main culprit when it comes to agespots is the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

The first step in using any hydrogen peroxide age spot remover is soaking the skin in warm water for about 20 to 30 minutes. This softens the skin and hence makes the action of the vinegar effective. Then soak a cotton ball with the hydrogen peroxide and place the cotton ball on the spots. Leave it there for another 20 to 30 minutes and after that wash off the hydrogen peroxide. Repeat this daily for about a month or two and the age spots should vanish.

Alternatively, when using any hydrogen peroxide age spot remover to remove age spots, one can soak cotton with the hydrogen peroxide age spot remover and place it on the spots then apply a bandage to fasten the cotton ball there. This should be left there overnight and then removed in the morning.

Another method of using any hydrogen peroxide age spot remover to remove age spots would be just dabbing the age spots with hydrogen peroxide in the evenings before going to sleep. Incase a stinging sensation is felt the hydrogen peroxide should be diluted with water. The hydrogen peroxide should not be washed off until the next morning after waking up.

If the skin around the age spot becomes sore it is advisable to apply jelly on the area before applying the hydrogen peroxide. This protects the skin by preventing the hydrogen peroxide age spot remover from reaching the skin.

It is advisable to consult a doctor before using any hydrogen peroxide age spot remover to remove age spots as it may have harmful effects on some skin types.

When using a hydrogen peroxide age spot remover to remove age spots, consistency is very much encouraged as it ensures that results are obtained in the shortest time possible. When compared to irregular random treatment, consistent treatment works much faster. It is also important to note that hydrogen peroxide will cause irritation to the eyes and other sensitive organs so whenever using it around such organs, it is advisable to be careful.

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