Age spots are basically black, grey or light tan spots that appear on the skin. These spots are mostly unattractive but harmless. It is also important to note that people with age spots are more prone to skin cancer that other people. Age spots affect people over the age of 40 at most times but also younger people can have the skin condition as it depends on how much you have been exposed to the sun. Age spots can occur individually or cluster at one point. Age spots are able to be as small as a freckle and as wide as a centimetre.

There are several ways of avoiding age spots. The most important of all is to avoid any interaction with the sun’s rays at all costs. This may not be very practical as you have to attend to a lot of things in a day. Go to work. Do the groceries, pick the kids from school or attend to that little garden outside your kitchen. The more you avoid the sunlight, the easier for you to prevent age spots.


If you have to spend some time in the sun, you have to make sure that you are on sunscreen to prevent age spots. Sunscreen shields the harmful UV light from entering your skin and harming it causing age spots. There are times when our whole body is exposed to the sun like when sun bathing at the beach wind surfing and therefore sunscreen is an important asset. Sunscreen prevents age spots.


Eating and staying healthy is an important factor in avoiding age spots. Always ensure that you take a lot of vegetables and plenty of water. With this, your skins balance will be maintained and it will be in good for your health. A good diet is not only good for preventing diseases and keeping you in good shape but it also plays a major role in preventing age spots.


Age spots affect body parts mostly exposed to the sun and so wear nice covering cloths. Prevent age spots by avoiding going out when the sun is peak like in the afternoons. Age spots are caused by malfunctioning of the liver caused by excessive alcohol. Reduce alcohol intake.


Age spots are easy to prevent. Always ensure that you have minimal exposure to the sun and if you are exposed, always stay protected from the harmful ultra violet rays.

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