How To Avoid Having Liver Spots

Liver spot is a blemish found on the skin that is linked to aging and exposure to ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun. It is also described as senile freckles, lentigo senilis, and solar lentigo. It is more usually known as old age spot. In appearance, this has a color from brown to black and has a laid down surface. It has no association with the liver function or the liver itself.

Older skin is ultimately affected by liver spots. Due to aging, the color of the older skin is changed. Another cause of its appearance is excessive exposure to the sun without proper protection.

Liver spots most ordinarily appear on the skins of people over 40 years old. They usually appear on body areas that are most of the time exposed to the sun. The most common body parts involved are forehead, face, backs of the hands, and forearms.

Discovery of a liver spot can be done by looking at its appearance. Its lesions are in most cases flat and has a color from light brown to black. There is also a distinguishable change of the skin color. There is no pain on having liver spots.

If you are someone who has been greatly exposed to the sun, and you are more than 40 years old, you are most likely prone to having liver spots. For you to recognize whether a spot that is irregularly-shaped is a mere liver spot or a malignant sign of skin cancer, you must undergo a skin biopsy.

In most cases, liver spots necessitate no treatment. The look of the skin can be improved by means of using lotions and creams for skin bleaching. For the liver spots to be destroyed, cryotherapy or laser treatment can be done.

It must be noted that having liver spots does not bring harmful results. The only thing is that there are permanent skin changes possible to occur on the skin.

If you want to get away of liver spots off your skin, you can make an appointment with a skin expert. Have a health care provider look into you if there are new symptoms about your skin condition.

Protection against the sun can be considered. When there is an evidently intense sunlight, avoid being exposed to it for your own sake. Eyes can be protected through the use of wearing sunglasses. For the skin to be protected, sunscreens are effective.

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