How Do You Remove Age Spots?

Age spots are common problem among individuals today. As much as it is associated with old age it is mainly caused due to too much exposure to the sun. Age spots in most cases appear on the hands, face, back, feet and any other place that is often exposed to the sun.

age spots liver spots, senile lentigines whatever name you want to call them is not an issue to cause panic. Once you see since of age spots on your skin take action of seeing a dermatologist who will run tests on you to make sure you are actually having age spots. Once you have been affirmed that you have age spots the next step is getting rid of age spots and preventing further infection. While getting rid of age spots you should know what this process takes time hence needs patience since all the process is controlled by your body and nothing more can be done to regenerate your skin.

The most obvious precautionary measure one should take when getting rid of age spots is staying away from the sun. It is evident that over exposure to the sun’s rays is the main cause of this infection. What the sun does is destroying the skins pigmentation which protects the skin from the sun living it more exposed to erratic pigmentation.

It is not easy to stay away completely from the sun since one or two of our daily activities requires us to spend some time out in the sun. Whenever you are doing outdoor activities make sure you wear protective clothes that will prevent your skin from being exposed to the sun. Try wearing long sleeved shirts to cover your hands and long pants or skirts to cover your legs. Sometimes the weather can be so hot and wearing this garments can be completely inappropriate or discomforting, in such cases make sure you apply sunscreen lotions on your skin some minutes before going out to the sun.

Just in case you have age spots in your skin then preventing infection of the uninfected areas is very important, make sure you apply sunscreen lotions daily on the infected and uninfected. Dermatologists have various ways of removing age spots from their patients, some recommend surgery as one of the options depending on the extent of infection.

There are also other safe ways of removing age spots which include use of creams, the creams have proved to work perfectly well for many however take caution that this creams work differently for different skins hence you should find one that works well for your skin. It may not be easy to do this on your own hence it is better to have a health specialists help you.

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