Freckles on the face

Freckles are brown pigmentations which appear mostly on the face as a result of excessive and uneven pigmentation on the face. They also affect a face that is constantly exposed to sunlight rays.

Freckles prevention on the face is better than struggling to treat them and getting rid of them forever. Those whose freckles result from genetic sources will need to wear sunscreen as well as sun protective body lotions and formula to protect the freckles from further spread and degeneration. Sunscreens and body protections from sunlight will help an individual prevent skin cancer which can result from freckles.

Freckles on the face is a signal that an individual is vulnerable not only to skin cancer but also to sun burns and some other kinds of rashes and skin disorders.  Freckles are more common on the face than other parts of the body such as hands, feet, arms and neck . The face remains the most exposed part of the body and because the tissues of the skin around here are quite soft, it is easier for freckles to develop and get active.

Freckles on the face can be prevented or at least prevented from degenerating into skin cancer or any other form of skin disorders. Putting on an hat ,  staying out of tanning beds and staying out of sun during the peak hours are some of the precautionary ways of dealing with freckles even if you have already have them on your face.

The sun is more intense between the hours of 10 am to 4pm, staying out of the sun during these hours can help you deal with or avoid freckles from forming on your face. Staying away from tanning beds is another way through which you can protect yourself from freckles forming on your face, tanning beds will expose your body to ultra-violet rays because of materials used in making such beds. Putting on a hat while you are outside especially in warm weather conditions will help you prevent your face from freckles from forming , choose a light weight hat that does not retain moisture within the inside.

Laser resurfacing and chemical peels can also be used in dealing with facial freckles, likewise over-the-counter fading creams. It is very ideal to seek the professional advice of a dermatologist before engaging in this advanced forms of treating facial freckles and to detect your skin sensitivity before exposing yourself to any forms of such treatments.

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