Essentials of Removing Age Spots

Age spots are caused by sun damage. These spots are often referred to as liver spots and sun spots. The aging process plays a role in the manifestation of these brown spots but they are not the result of age. These spots are the result of sun damage which is displayed as our skin begins to age. This damage may be years old and have been caused over our entire lifetime. Age spots are more susceptible for those with light skin. The melanin in the skin protects us from damaging ultraviolet sunrays. Darker skin has more melanin in it and offers a greater level of protection.

The essentials of removing age spots are to create a lifestyle of avoiding excess sun exposure. Age spots can be removed through laser treatments and they can also be effectively treated through natural means such as diet and the application of natural substances which lighten the age spots on the skin. However, the best way to remove age spots is to avoid obtaining them. You can effectively deal with the age spots that you have and at the same time prevent future age spots from appearing.

One suggestion for removing age spots is to have a special protection placed on the vehicle windows. The most sun damage is received while driving in the car. This can be alleviated by having a clear or tinted protective barrier installed in the car. Simple sun protection choices such as wearing sunblock, hats and protective clothing are very effective against sun damage which causes age spots.

The essentials of removing age spots may also be seen in simple life style changes such as eating better and taking care of your skin. Spinach, carrots, bananas, sweet potatoes, mango and pumpkin are rich in potassium as well as vitamin A and they will greatly enhance the strength of your skin and reduce  the future effects of aging. Vitamin E provides a natural source of skin repairing substance. Nuts and oils such as sunflower oil are beneficial as they supply the body with needed vitamin E.  Removing age spots can take place through natural means such as a healthy lifestyle.

Aloe vera and lemon juice are natural lightening agents which can be applied directly to the age spot twice a day in order to remove the age spot or lighten its color. Healthy skin is well cared for, moist and protected from the sun. The essentials of  age spot removal include daily lifestyle changes which will enhance your overall skin health. Age spots can vanish as you revitalize your skin. Age spots can also be removed simply and easily from your healthy well cared for skin by Ag3derm Age Spot Removal Cream.

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