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Some people have suffered from age spots for a long time to the extent that they can never imagine that it is possible to erase them. Age spot intervention measures have been there for a long time. It is only that you could be ‘perishing for lack of knowledge’. If you have been on a hunt for information and tips that would help you erase age spots, rest assured that following some of these age spots removal natural remedies will not disappoint. However, some of them may not give you the most perfect results because different skins of people react differently. In case you try one method and it fails, shake the dust off your clothes and move to another one.

A mixture of parsley, orange, red current and lemon juice has been tested and proven to be one of the most effective methods of removing age spots. Each of these juices has to be added in equal measure and mixed thoroughly until it forms a uniform mixture. This mixture is then applied on the freckles followed by your favorite cream. It is important to apply this in the evening so that you can rinse it off from your face, neck, hands or arms in the morning when you wake up. In order for you to make the age spots totally invisible, you need to apply it regularly until you are quite sure that they can not be seen.

A paste from ground yellow mustard and milk can also produce exceptional results as far as age spots are concerned. Its preparation involves grinding yellow mustard and then mixing it with milk. Once the paste is ready, apply the mustard paste on the affected points at night and let it stay there till morning before rinsing it off your skin. Complete invisibility of these age spots will only be achieved if the user applies the mustard paste regularly and consistently.

To sum up this list of age spots removal, it will be unfair to mention that a mixture of currants and honey can successfully lighten the freckles. Take ¼ of mashed unripe currants and mix it with 1 table spoon of unpasteurized honey. When the paste is ready, spread it on the age spots and allow it to stay there for about 30 minutes. After washing it off with warm water, apply diluted fresh juice. Repeat this procedure daily till the spots fade.

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