Do Age Spots Itch?

Age spots is not a strange skin condition in the least. If you check the skin of many individuals out there, you will discover that they are having age spots. It can also appear on different parts of the body; irrespective of the fact that the part of the body is visible to all or not.  It is mostly associated with old age. As one grows older, age spots tends to come up on the skin. Old age reduces immunity and the skin will not be able to withstand the penetrating effect of the ultraviolet ray. The ultraviolet ray of the sun will penetrate into the skin and cause mutation of the some of the genes coding for the production of melanin in the skin. This will then ultimately result to the formation of age spots.

Many people have different opinions about this skin condition. Some are even of the opinion that it can lead to itching. But the truth remains that age spot does not itch at all. You can have it on your skin without having any itchy feeling.

There is actually no link between age spots any thing that may cause itching. Age spots is not an infection. It simply comes up as a result of mutation or rearrangement in the genes for the formation of melanin. If it had been as a result of infection, then it could have had itchy effect on those affected.

In case you are having any skin condition that tends to be itchy, what you have may not be age spots; it is certain to be something else. You should not try to diagnose what the problem is by yourself. Instead, pay a visit to the hospital and discuss with a dermatologist, who will direct you on what to do and how to get rid of the itchy skin condition.

It may therefore not be in your best interest to try to treat anything that looks like age spots on your skin. Instead of proving yourself to be a “Do It Yourself” kind of person, it may be safer for you to pay a visit to the dermatologist and get things properly sorted out before you attempt any treatment method on the age spots-like skin condition.


It may be more expensive to visit the hospital with any skin problem. But refusal to visit the hospital may prove to be penny wise pound foolish.

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