Different Types of Age Spots

Age spots or liver spots are the names used to describe the dark spots that are found in adults.  The difference between age spots and freckles lies in the fact that the latter is not related to age and thus is not a representation of old age in any way. The age spots are the lentigo kind of freckles that are visible on the skin surface of adults due to a lot of exposure to the sun.

In some cases, the older groups of people who have got the lentigo freckles usually have seborrheic Kerasotes in the same area.  This skin condition is also not malignant and therefore does not pose any form of cancer threat.  The color of the seborrheic keratosis is usually brown though they may also appear black.  They occur in varying sized with some of them being around 2.5 cm.

One main feature of the seborrheic keratoses is their waxy and greasy look. They appear pasted in the skin which can be rather gross. They are mainly common is in areas where there is too much exposure to the sun.  The growths will appear one at a time and in the onset they take the form of tiny bumps. This condition is common among people who have attained the age of forty years and above.  Some people view them as a reflection or sign of old age.

Freckles are slightly different from the age spots and can occur in younger people. There are mainly two categories which are the sunburn and simple freckles. There are mainly round and small. They appear darker and have borders that are quire irregular. They are common on a person’s shoulders and upper parts of the back.

Ephelides comes form a Greek terminology and it refers to freckles. The term is associated with flat spots that are tiny, reddish to light brown in color. There are commonly found among those people who have got much lighter complexions. This skin condition is usually hereditary with those having green eyes and red hair being among the most prone.

Lentigines are a Latin terminology that is used to describe the darker and sun burn freckles. They usually do not fade of during the winter season. This kind of spot is called the lentigo simples. Most of the time these type of age spots are considered unimportant as they do not pose any notable health risk.

Age Spots

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