Different Kind Of Age Spots

Age spots are dark blemishes found on the skin surface. They are non-malignant and painless spots. The main cause of these blemishes is the ultraviolet rays from the sun. These rays cause the skin to produce more melanin which later clamps together to form the age spots. Melanin is a dark pigment found in the skin that gives the skin its color and doubles up as a protection of the skin against ultraviolet radiation.

There are several types of age spots. The first type is the lentigines. Lentigines are spots caused by sun burns. They are dark in color and are also non-malignant. They are painless and cause no health risk. The only discomfort is the not so pleasant look on the face. As much as these lentigines are caused by sunburns, they do not fade away in the winter or during cold seasons.

The next ones are the ephelides. The word ephelides comes from a Greek word that means freckles. These spots are small, flat and reddish to brown in color. These ones are more common with people who have lighter complexions. This type is hereditary, mainly affecting people with rad hair and green eyes.

The next group is the seborrheic keratosis. These are similar to age spots in that they are also caused by excessive exposure of the skin to sunshine. They are also non-malignant. However, these lesions form as patches on the skin unlike the age spots which are small in size. They also have a waxy or greasy appearance that is not found in age spots. These are more common with people who are above the age of 40.

Then there are the freckles. These are small and dark with irregular boundaries. They are mostly located on the face, shoulders and on the back near the shoulders. These are different in that they can also be found in young children unlike the age spots which are found exclusively in aging people.

All these have similar methods of removal. The methods include natural home remedies like application of fresh aloe vera gel, lemon juice or castor oil among others. These home remedies are very effective but they have to be handled with caution. Lemon juice for example can be very irritating when it comes to contact with sensitive skin or any other sensitive organ. The other treatment method would be laser therapy. This is very effective but is a bit more expensive compared to the others. However the chances of success are higher than in those other methods.


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