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Age spots are blotches on the skin that are due to the irregular production of melanin and the accumulation of wastes within the skin and body cells. Their name is due to the fact that they are common in old people, especially people who are above the age of sixty. This is because of their life –long exposure to the harmful rays of the sun that are known to cause the condition.

Most people may think that age spots are permanent and they are not curable. However, this is wrong since there are numerous cures for age spots that one can use today. In fact, some can be easily implemented at home while others require the expertise of a professional dermatologist or surgeon.

An example of a cure for age spots is dermabrasion. This involves sanding down the epidermal layer of the affected skin and after some time, a new blotch-less layer of skin develops. Another similar cure to this is a process known as cryotherapy. This treatment method involves the use of liquid nitrogen to kill the affected cells, so as to allow the growth of new skin cells.

Some doctors cure age spots via chemical peel.  This involves the use of an acid to burn off the top layer of the skin in the affected area. A new layer of skin usually develops to replace this. This method however, may lead to permanent scarring of the skin, especially when it is not carried out carefully.

All the above methods are carried out by surgeons and fully qualified dermatologists. But this does not mean that one has to visit a dermatologist so as to cure age spots. In fact, there are many other methods that one can carry out at home at no cost at all.

One of such methods is the use of vegetable juice. This is prepared from vegetables like carrots and kales, which are blended and ingested. This provides vital nutrients important in getting rid of the skin condition.

Another cure for age spots that can be used at home is the use of lemon juice. This entails crushing the lemon to extract the juice and rubbing it on the blotches for about thirty minutes a session, two times a day for two months. This should be enough to completely get rid of the age spots.


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