Comprehending Several Alternative Titles For Age Spots

Age spots will always be age spots no matter who has them and regardless of where they are  found. Despite being the same age spot for every person who manifests it, why then is it referred to with varying names? Each of the terms used to describe an age spot does not show any sign of change in meaning or nuance, but all of them still refer to the exact same thing. The reason behind this actually depends on some important areas. Here, we will talk about the labels that people most commonly use.

“Solar lentigo” is the first of these many titles. As the term “solar” indicates, the sun is a pertinent determinant for age spots. This relevance of the sun is due to its repercussions on the skin and its eventual role in the development of age spots. In Old Middle English language, the term “lentigo” means spots that copy the shape of lentils, although now, it is merely an substitute name for a freckle. So, an age-spot can also be described as “lentil-shaped spots caused by the sun” from the context of the word “Solar lentigo”.

A more normal term for an age spot can be the word “Senile freckle”. Comparing it to the term “AGE” spots, the term “senile freckle” delicately implies the cause responsible for their existence. Obviously, you should not make the mistake of using the term “senile freckle” for a ordinary freckle for you already understand the difference between the two. Anyhow, it is still the same age spot.

On the medical side of things, age spots are commonly known as “lentigo senilis”. In fact, it is indeed the official word for such medical condition. This is actually precisely the same as “senile freckle” – just the Latin version. I wouldn’t try replacing “age spots” with it on casual conversations though, because you’d definitely sound some sort of a medical term geek.

Now, we focus our attention to the most popular term for age spots – the “liver spots”. This term has been here for a long time now even before “age spots” gained its popularity. Since the word liver is present in the term, some thought that the liver is pertinent to age spots. The term “liver spots” seemed to have endured to this day because historically, some people did actually believe that age spots are caused by abnormalities.

Nevertheless, the presence of several names for age spots does not change the fact that an age spot is still and will always be an age spot. Now, if you do not want to regret still having it later in the future, you must act immediately.

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