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Can Age Spots Be Cancerous | Ag3derm Age Spots Removal

Can Age Spots Be Cancerous

Age spots are a concern if they affect the looks of an individual, depressing his or her self confidence. Another concern is that if these age spots can cause cancer. You have to know the facts first before deciding on the matter.

Age spots, also called sun spots are typical when one ages. They usually appear on skin areas which get the most solar exposure, namely the hands and the facial area. Of course, it is not only old age that contributes to the occurrence of age spots, but the frequency of one’s sun exposure. It happens that damaged melanocytes (the cells which gives us our skin pigment) accumulates together, thus forming these pigmented spots on skin.

On the other hand, skin cancer is cause by diverse reasons. Smoking tobacco and getting exposed to harsh chemicals are some of skin cancer causes. Genetics could also play a role in this matter. The three most common categories of skin cancer are classified according to the skin cells they affect. These skin cancers are called squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and melanoma. There are other skin cancers out there, but the three are to be conferred.

Now, can a simple age spot develop to cancer? The answer is still uncertain, but since both age spots and skin cancer have a common factor, which is excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, there could be a chance. It could happen if age spots are overlooked.

Since skin cancer can be detected easily, it can be cured early and the risk of fatality is lessened.       Skin cancer indicators include non healing lesions and moles that grow, change in color or shape. A mole which just occurred and is asymmetrical should be of great concern. Sometimes, age spots hinder the detection of melanoma, so it is sometimes linked to skin cancer.

So what can you do to foil skin cancer, and avoiding age spots from obscuring melanoma? The best thing you can do is abstain from too much sunlight. The heat of the sun is at its highest during noontime, so try not to go out during those times. If you have your age spots eliminated, your risks are lowered. Also wear sunscreens when you have to go out under the heat of the sun. Bringing an umbrella is a wise move. You can always prevent things from becoming worse.

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