Brown spots treatment- after effect

Brown spots are often referred to by many names and such include; age spots, liver spots, brown hyperpigmentation, freckles and sunspots. Brown spots are skin blemishes which often result from the damaging effect of the sun which makes the spots appear as irregular patches that expands and grow with time. Brown spots can occur at any part of the body and most especially in areas  that are more exposed to sunlight.  Though sunscreen and sun block can actually prevent the formation of brown spots on the skin but the spots are gradual in their development , hence they must be treated progressively.

There are several options available for the treatment of brown spots, however most of the advanced technologies used , including laser technology, chemical peels and surgical peeling often come with their characteristic after effects which varies depending on the intensity and duration of treatment, skin nature, as well as the age of the individual being treated.

Chemical  bleaching can be used in removing developing brown spots from the skin. Such chemical bleaches often contain hydroquinone or some other forms of naturally extracted bleaches which are fast and effective. Hydrogen peroxide is another popular bleaching agent used in the treatment of brown spots and several other skin infections. One of the after effect of using strong chemical bleaches is that they often irritate the skin when used excessively and that may lead to some other forms of skin problems after the brown spots have been successfully treated. After effects of chemical bleaches for brown spot treatments vary from minor and temporary itches to formation of some form of pimples in the treated area.

Laser resurfacing is another advanced method of dealing with brown spots, though , in most cases , laser resurfacing do not come with serious after effects and the recovery time for this form of treatment is very quick, however as good as the therapy seem to be , some people who have undergone the surgery have reported some form of after effect . Some do complain of having some mild form of headache which often disappear after a while{ this after effect is often recorded among individuals who have facial brown spots}.

Chemical peels can also work as a very ideal alternative for laser resurfacing. Chemical peels are highly effective but may also harm a sensitive skin . Dry  skin types may not need chemical peels for brown spot treatment to avoid serious complications.

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