Brown Spot Removal

A Brown spot is a small dark mark found on the skin, mostly around the face and neck areas. They are caused mainly by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Brown spots leave the skin rough and unattractive, hence the need to remove them. After all, who wants a rough or unattractive skin?

One very effective method of brown spot removal is applying sour lemon cream on the affected area. After that, it is advisable not to rinse completely, but to gently wipe off using a clean tissue and add a moisturizer.

Lemon juice can also be used in brown spot removal. This works best when the lemon juice is freshly prepared. The juice is applied on the brown spots and it bleaches the dark spots. It also sterilizes the area and acts as a skin toner.

Fruit and vegetable pastes may also be used in brown spot removal.  This is done by making them into masks and placing the masks on the face, or if the spots are not on the face, they are applied on the area with the spots directly. They work very effectively in lightening the brown spots.

Sour milk is also very good in brown spot removal. This is done by washing the area with the brown spots with the sour milk. Lactic acid present in the sour milk helps in promoting gentle peeling of the skin around the spots without irritation or dryness. It also helps in lightening the skin pigment, thus making the brown spots disappear. A thick mask of sour cream or buttermilk can also be used on the area with the brown spots since they have the same effect.

Honey is another method that is commonly used in brown spot removal. The honey is heated slightly, and then applied to the area that has the brown spots. The area is then tapped lightly using the fingers to spread the honey evenly. After that it is washed off with warm water and afterwards rinsed using cold water.

Onions also work well in brown spot removal. This is done by slicing red onions and rubbing the thin slices on the brown spots. It works best when the rubbing of the slices is done twice a day preferably in the mornings and evenings.

It is important to be consistent when carrying out brown spot removal. When consistency is observed, the results are faster compared to irregular random attempts.

Before starting the process of brown spot removal, it is important to first ensure that the skin is clean. Washing off all the makeup or any sweat present on the skin is crucial as it will ensure that the skin is clean and therefore improve the effect of the pastes or juices on the skin. Some of these like lemon juice are acidic and it is therefore very important to ensure that at all costs they do not come to contact with the eyes and other sensitive organs.


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