Apple Cider Vinegar and Age Spots

There are numerous products on the market that are aimed at fading of the age spots. This growing number of products has made it very challenging to make a selection of the very best.  In case you have been desperately looking for the best product to fade off the age spots but nothing has worked yet, then the apple cider vinegar would be worth the try.  The beauty about this form of treatment lies in the fact that it is natural and has been known to be very effective in lightening up the spots.

Apple cider vinegar is actually an extract from fresh apples. The apples are crushed and the juice extracted. These apples are usually ripened up in a barrel that is made from wood. This actually makes the juice become much more refined in comparison to the distilled type of vinegar that is sold in the market. It actually comprises of a lot of minerals that are inclusive of chlorine, magnesium, potassium and sodium which are very important in boosting one’s health.

Apple Cider Vinegar & Age Spots is a relationship that has proved effective for those who have tried it. Many have seen their age spots fade off and the effects of ageing of the skin greatly reduced. Apple cider vinegar has got sulphur that enhances the skins health. It plays a big role in preventing the loss of the skin layer components that are known to repair of the skin from any kind of damage.  If this form of treatment is sued for a long time, the skin can also lighten up.

If you have a food processor then you can try out the following recipe. Place in an onion that is medium sized and blend it thoroughly. Position the onion on a cheese cloth and remove the juice. Mix one portion of the onion with apple cider. Apply the blended mixture directly to the spot and massage it for approximately half and hour. Let it remain there for approximately thirty minutes prior to washing it with Luke warm water.

The healing process of the skin can be speeded up by using a combination of the above mentioned treatments with a natural kind of moisturizer that contains some of the natural ingredients such as Extrapone Nutgrass.


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