Agespots are mainly caused by ultraviolet rays. For this reason if you discover that your skin is so sensitive to sunlight, it will only be wise to protect your skin with sunscreen or avoid staying in the sun between 10am and 3pm. During this time, the sun’s harmful UV rays are so intense that continued exposure could cause agespots. You can make a date with your dermatologist to give you counsel concerning agespot removal mechanisms that best suit your skin. However, if your body does not react to substances applied to your skin, natural age spot alternatives are plentiful, accessible and affordable. If you think you are tired of hiding your face or people staring at your freckled face, arms, hands, and neck, stand up for yourself and try some of these simple procedures that could remove agespots from your skin within a couple of weeks or months.

It is worth a mention that if you use fruit and vegetable masks such as strawberries, cucumbers and apricots regularly on your face or other affected parts of your body, you will realize that agespots are beginning to fade away. These masks can be applied once daily for a month or two or until all the freckles have disappeared. It must be acknowledged that this is not an easy task but the results that you are looking forward to are well worth your time, commitment and resources. In life nothing comes easy; stay focused on the goal and you will certainly rid your skin of agespots. Sometimes it might take you longer than you expected but giving up should never cross your mind.

Sometimes solutions to your agespots problem are within reach yet you do not know. Are you aware that the ordinary honey that you consume in your house could be the most perfect remedy for agespots? All you need to do is to heat the honey slightly and then spread it on your face gently. Rinse the honey from your face with warm water followed by cold water. Mixing the honey with a small amount of wheat germ before applying could give much better results.

Finally, if you prepare lemon juice from one lemon and then mix it with some sugar until it dissolves, this cost effective mixture could remove all the agespots from your skin and leave it with the sparkle, smoothness and beauty that it deserves. Just apply this mixture to the affected areas!


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