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Age spots, liver pots, brown spots whatever name you want to call them is a very common infection to many people of age 55 years and above. The infection is mostly associated to aging however the main reason is for this age spots is direct exposure to the suns rays. Over exposure to the suns rays leads to brown colored spots on the face shoulders arms or any body part that is directly exposed to the sun for a long time.

Our body produces melanin which helps to protect us from the suns rays. However if we expose ourselves so much to direct sunlight our bodies tend to produce more melanin so us to counteract the excess sun rays this leads to over production of melanin. The excess melanin produced then form brown spots on your skin known us age spots or brown spots. This spots are painless and harmless the only shortcoming is that they have cosmetic disturbance.

There are many ways one can get to remove age spots, due to the advancement in technology science has come up with very many ways to enable removal of age spots without leaving any reminders of the spots on your skin. Sunscreen lotions and body creams that have sun screen are some of the medical supplements one can use to remove age spots. They work pretty well to remove the age spot plus preventing infection of the uninfected parts. The only requirement is for one to brace patients and to follow the prescriptions strictly. You should also know your skin since our skins are different hence may not work the same way for everyone.

Dermatologists also use surgical procedures to cure age spots although most of the time this procedures are done only in severe conditions. The problem with surgical procedures is that surgical marks are left behind on the skin which can give a very bad appearance especially if they are on a part that is mostly exposed. Use of body creams are mostly preferred even though the skin reactions with some people nevertheless if you get a dermatologist to examine your skin then you will definitely get the right medication that will work for you.

You can also use home remedies to cure age spots, the advantage of this method is that it’s cheap and all the requirements are available at our kitchens. A good example is applying castor oil twice daily for with a piece of cotton until the infection fades. Drinking a lot of water may be about 10 glasses a day plus adding fruit juice to your diet is also another remedy of removing age spots.

In summary whenever you are dealing with any spots on your skin always make sure you first have a skin cancer scan first before getting into any medication.

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