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Age spots are dark blotches that appear on the skin after long exposure to the harmful ultra violet rays of sun. The condition is common in old people of all races who are past the age of sixty due to their life-long exposure to the sun’s rays. Apart from this, age spots are also caused by smoking, lack of exercise and a poor diet.

Unfortunately, there is a danger associated with this ailment. Due to the fact that it is due to irregular melanin production and accumulation of wastes on the skin, it can be a sign of a more serious condition. Some people have even been reported to have had cancer that may have initially started as age spots. This makes it very necessary to get rid of the ugly blotches.

In respect to this, there are many age spots remover methods that an individual can use. They range from simple home remedies that can be cheaply implemented at home, to complex treatment methods that require the expertise of a professional surgeon or dermatologist. One of the latter is cryotherapy that involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze and kill the cells around the affected area, hence allowing other cells to develop and replace them. This method however, could lead to permanent scarring or skin discoloration.

Another age spots remover method is the use of Aloe Vera, which effective in age spots and many other skin ailments. The plant’s leaves are crushed to extract the juice, which is gently rubbed on the blotches for about forty five minutes two times every day. This is a process that can be carried out at home and should be done daily for about thirty days until the spots completely disappear.

Some individuals, especially celebrities, opt for Laser therapy, which involves the use of a laser beam to kill the affected cells. This, just like in the earlier methods, gives room for the development of new, blotch-less skin cells, hence getting rid of age spots.

Just like Aloe Vera, another simple home age spots remover is apple cider vinegar. It is usually mixed onion and applied carefully and directly to the epidermis of the skin. Castor oil is also applied the same way and as long as it is used about two times a day, it will take you just a few weeks to completely get rid of the blotches.

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